Game needs fairplay revolution

Fairplay damage of bots in PVE like have players. Annoying overpower retchers, artilery, scorpions bots should be in match after 14-15k PS. Better matchmaking filter happens that 10k players play with 17k players. Team should be 50% of bots and 50% of players in PVE will be quicker matchmaking and better play for players because hapens 90% of team is hiding and shot from far distance. Coop drivers leveling system like were old coop drivers = bigger usefull area for intelligence points and changeable intelligence points for material or badges or repair kits. PVP maps needs make too in PVE. More serious looking skins for weapons,wheels, etc… Delete/repair 3 meters invisible barrier air zone around environment obstacles and rocks. Revive old blueprints for new players, for example bigrams, spike-1, toadfish.gravastar. Stop develope only around PVP its still big annoying boring thing and focus on develope some Boss mission in PVE - Example big 2 laser spiders with 5 bots squad def. and players teams should destroy them or escape to some zone and make points (like race of death) or big black scorpion boss team for leviathans or 17k+ battles. New machine guns and energetic weapons should be cool - laser canoon aurora, doubled sinus, crossbow artilery, laser scissor meele weapon… Bigger armor for normal weapons and lower for op retchers - delete damage bonus 210% and give them only 80% and relics like scorpions-delete paralyze skill and give them only faster reloading skill. Faster bigram from 45 km to 55-65 km and bigger armor for belts and lower armor for hovers. Some Wheel of Fortune or Puzzle board rewards system after each 10 levels (some special coin or chip for chance earn special part-not tradable like from chest). Rockets weapons needs faster reloading about 25% and bigger damage about 15%.


And i want write the helicopters PVP and PVE missions should be fun in future maybe make more develope a cooperate with players on this new way in game. I think it has potential in new development zone of game.


In Future permanent PVE mission only for canoons builds and another for helicopters could be fun of course with material rewards.

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If my retchers were as powerful as the bots’ retchers, that’s all I’d use. :laughing:
Can’t say I really disagree with anything you posted. :+1:

Most things you mentioned were in one form or another before, but was decided to be changed to… what you see now.
I remember TOW guys flying into inaccessible points, I used same but for sniping with autocannon. It’s pretty cool to know that no lance/melee/shotgun etc can ever get you, but still looked rather weird and “unnatural” so devs thought anyway.