Game needs gameplay changes

My recommends.

The firstly which is most important for game is Power Score filter for making matches. Now its about 1 hour what game give me matches with players about 5k bigger than me, its not playable.

Next bots retchers are overpower element in PVE matches make them weaker or delete them nobody like them.

PVE needs like PVP separate matches with helicopters builds and without helicopter builds (Can be added instead mission Back on patrol Everybody who can count know is like throw fuel to water).

Raids will be good if 3 big bosses will be doubled because for retchers and relics players are weak they killed them in few seconds or make reduction for PS like at confrontation only to 13k.

Next point is about balance weapons. Retchers should have lower durability and bonus damage only 80% instead now 210%, Impulses are too strong many players use them for confrontation because they destroying weapons in few sec. and then are here Overpower Athenas i recommend reduce them -10% damage, -20% explosion damage and effective range -15%. Stillwinds reduce -10% damage and -15% effective range, stillwind looks be 2x powerful than cyclone when is tested.

I think that the developers do it on purpose, because they want to destroy the game and milk as much money as possible before that happens. So there will be no improvement.

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Yeah for example graphics improvements were devastating because older pc can´t take it my notebook too shows bigger performance about 30% than before. Many players with old pc were lost. :frowning: And still missing important think in car its car rear view mirror like in NFS on top of screen.

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Retchers have already too low durability.

Not when bots have it try it and look how much damage you did in PVE it looks they have durability like upgraded cyclone.

The weapons just need some actual balance changes instead of giving the meta guns -5% in some stat and then picking 1 out of the tens of weak and useless weapons and giving them a +5% in a random parameter and saying something like “We totally fixed the hitbox on this one gun or something, idk buy our passes and packs”

IMO, they need to stop painting over features and just fix all the stuff they’ve broken or abandoned. There was a cool game underneath all this crap, but it needed some creative input it never got. Instead they just focused on new product$ and light predatory marketing, and abandoned (painted over) almost every feature in this game.

It’s like watching a super model get a face tattoo.

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LOL stillwinds. They need a rework/buff not a nerf. Their perk is really really bad.

I did find one golden nugget of reason in your mountain of opinions and that is the Athena nerf. I’d go so far to say that’s a reasonable but likely not the right type of nerf.