Game Over

Why do some people not get it when the game is over?
Running to the corners of the map with their cloaking high speed car with 0 ammo or guns left and 6 enemy cars chasing them.
And annoying all teammates waiting for their rewards.
Maybe crossout needs to put a big popup in their screen that says “Good Job mr.Tryhard, You tried Hard, Now Explode Please”.


2 possibilities:

They’re a hurricane buggy/drone boat. That’s what they do, losing games and dragging them.
They’re me and I’m pissed off because you all died in 30s while I racked 3 kills. Chances I’ll “gg” the team too at the end (^:

  1. A bit of an ego issue.
    Some don’t want to be killed by someone (or blow up and give the kill to whomever damaged them). I bet the runners are usually the ones who climax when scoring a kill and think everyone does.

  2. Some think it’s revenge for losing the match by making the other team wait… It’s like having a revenge by hammering your own toes (and teammates’), hoping the enemy gets sick.

In the reverse scenario, when the last enemy runs off, I actually like the - catch the fox game. Competition between the team, who catches the little guy. And when I do, I try to go for wheels off first, make him learn the ‘sit’ command.

You can complain about how people play but it won’t really stop them from playing how they do, I fully understand the small but somewhat irritating notion of people who haven’t realized they’ve lost and are just wasting time because they have too much pride or just simply don’t want to give people a kill but it is how it is, Wouldn’t be the first game this has happened in and it certainly won’t be the last.

I guess you could say it’s a form of acceptance that has to be taken but it is easier to complain for some, not that it actually helps anything.

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luckily there is a time limit, although many times I leave just to not see him run anymore

if they run like that i go to their base while my team mates try to catch them. capturing their base is more points and rewards so why not?
if they want to waste time, sit in their base and capture it for more points / rewards.

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Sometimes I don’t realize my teammates are gone, because I’m so involved in my own fights.
Regardless, I always fight until the death. If I’m degunned, I’ll do my best to take an enemy out with my self destruct, or hang around and ram dogs off my allies.
Would be nice if we could play the market or craft while we wait for our last ally to die.

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Yeah this happens to me sometimes. I’ll be so busy fighting one or two dudes i don’t notice my whole team just died off on a different part of the map within the first 45sec of gameplay. And I’ll be like, “what? Really? They all died already?”


Only the bad ones.

I have a drone boat but even that is mroe a front line tank that uses drones as a distraction.

People who are cowards are just that cowards afraid of death in the game.

Yeah, worst part of the game right there, learning your team was all shotguns and lances by the fact you and the bots are all that is left.

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I laugh every time I see a toxic player who can’t wait or use the “return to garage” button… Why a player should self-destruct because other consider themsleves more important and the surviving player should die because the “little kid” can’t wait few minutes or don’t want a smaller reward… BULLSH!T on that! This “Me, myself and I” attitude piss me off. You play and die… other players deserve the same rights!

Another day… another drama queen!
Here’s your crown your majesty!

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Slow clap applause,
You earned it.

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There should be a new rule for normal battles that don’t have more than 2 caps. If you fail to make a full base capture and the clock runs out while the enemy is sitting in their cap, you lose. You are in the position where you tried to take their base but you were too weak to overpower them out of it so you had to run, while they sit firmly in control of their cap.
Most of the hatred for people drawing battles out comes from people taking one cap point to then run the timer down because they have a radar and the other guy is too slow to do anything but leave his cap. This is extremely infuriating if you are a solo ML200 player in CW and some stripped dog pussies flee the rest of the game with a 1/3 cap.

I tend to make them chase and kill me just because it’s funny to see them try so hard AND FAIL lol

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While normally I do agree with you, it is really annoying when the last person is just trying to run out the clock on a 3v1 when they are disarmed or out of ammo.

All the enemy has to do is cap and they just sit there running out the clock because they fear death.

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haha I remember those days

If they aren’t out of ammo, then it isn’t your place to say what they do, if they have 1 gun or some ammo then good on them.

Many games I’d play and be left 1v4-5 people and still get the win

Yeah, if they really cared about wasting time they’d just leave the game and get less of a reward, but they only want that tiny % of extra reward, I’ve been on both ends… I’ll leave if I want to value my time, screw the tiny % of reward, couldn’t care less, they can play how they want to

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The level on PC isn’t dreadful to a point where people let you clutch them 1v5 regularly yet. I saw vids of console PvP recently, I have no doubt I’d clean up 1 by 1 a fair amount of games too. On PC, if you get dropped to 1v5, chances are your team got rolled over by two or three premade tryhards that won’t take chances.

Not saying it never happened. But there’s a difference between cleaning up 4 burning guys in CW because your team was useful, and getting rushed by 3 pristine shotgun wedges who are in vocal in PvP because all your peasants’ carts and other green vans rushed to see who could die first.

Usually they get overconfident and you’d outplay them, well I’d use traps speed etc, do it that way… Iv not played in ages and have no intention to, but damn the meta sweat the game used to have, it wasn’t always just trash solo’s you’d clutch against…

I prefer the bromine squad, the van door rear enders haha

Nothing screams pro like a bromine longboi with 7 pairs of common wheels hehehe.

I think I have a screen with 4 human players in my team scoring zero points. And only one of them left the game :see_no_evil:

This game hurts me more than it entertains me.