Game Suggestions

Could we get a bit more variety in the daily challenge weapon selections? Options such as adding crossbows to the Cannon days and maybe adding in Rocket/Melee/Uncategorized days into the mix as well would breath a bit of fresh air into these challenges.

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They’ll tell you that those are for new players and the new players can’t afford those weapons. than again that’s the thing that will make em experiment more… so yes, very good question, it’s just a design choice more than anything.

Suggestion: get us our old forum and ditch this steaming pile of :brown_heart::poop::brown_heart:

Pretty please… with lots of sugary :poop::+1:t6: on top!


Make it possible to either sell fused relics, or unfuse items at a cost. It will breathe life in to the game for many players. -scrappydu

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