fire nerfed, bricks overpowered, narwhal overpowered specifically to counter bricks, everything else useless
if a mod or dev something is reading this please forward the message this game is beyond fucked
and please stop listening to the whales for once in this games lifetime

narwhale should be powerful since idk its a legendary but people dont use it at a high ps so people like you call it op so it gets nerfed but i have a solution for that but i know devs wont care cause im not popular or famous

narwhals are more powerful than other gold weapons and they are used at all power scores

ya cuz they have been nerfed over time cause like i said people use them in low ps so people say their op but when someone like me takes it into 20k ps they only tickle

they tickle harder than any other golden weapon

jotuns have become more powerful, those direct hits dont tickle and the extra damage from the aoe is good to. i been just rocking it in raids with them lately and i rarely if ever use aoe weapons in raids. they help alot and i been scoring the highest amount of damage per match in pve as well. havent tried the narwhals yet in pve but i imagine they are powerful to. idk about pvp specifically but im glad jotuns got that buff.