Gamemode concept: Total war [draft1]

We all have likely played the flight mode by now, or given it a try and I Have to say it is fun but in playing it I quickly realized it should be a main mode but not the main mode. Flight should be in its own mode with its own rules. So here is an early draft idea.


player size: 6v6
bot size: 12v12 (8 2k bots, 4 4k bots per team)

Game objective: first to 150 points wins. 5 points per player kill 1 point per 2k bot kill 3 points per 4k bot.

Reward: fuelx2(requires tank), Wires, scrap.

game time: 15 minutes.

PS requirement: 6k+ with brackets having 2k gaps.

Gameplay would start with players spawning with their team, followed by a sellection of bots spawning at random around the map. these bots will be different from standard with the 2k bots being armed only with autocannons, MGs, and flying drones.

The 4k bots on the other hand would be armed with pyres, nests, autocannons, AA reapers, and/or annihilators along with dopplers to give recon info to their team.

All bots will have a high chance to have cloak with a reactionary programing so they will trigger it on missile lock.

New equipment for this mode and base mode.


rarity: rare, special, and epic (each one is an improvement
info: a 1 power module that has 4/8/16 shots it automaticicly fires these shots when missile lock is detected distracting the missile. the higher rarity ones have the following perk

special: cloak boost, +10% cloak charge per missile distracted max 30% boost.
epic: cloak boost, +15% cloak charge per missile distracted max 60% boost

basicly these boost your cloak based on missiles distracted. in ground to ground modes chaff isn’t that useful as most people don’t use missile but in air to air it would be.


name needed but a tree of autocannons starting at special can aim up 90 degrees with a 360 degree mount, the down side they are 10 energy weapons with 1-4 barrels. all of them have a flak perk. The special tier has 1 barrel, the epic 2 and the legendary 4. fires in 1/2/4 shot bursts with a reload delay. has ammo though no clue amount.

In ground to ground these are pretty good for area denial even if the flak doesn’t do much damage.

perk: flak detonates in proximity, leaves a cloud of damage for 2/4/6 seconds. does bonus damage to flight parts including hovers.

Been told the perk on the flak and chaf needs a rework, any suggestions?