Game's trade vulnerability

some people take advantage of the game’s vulnerability and increase resources prices.

the cheat works like this:

example scrap price:

same guy loads rss to the market with spam in small numbers but in multi-parts, quickly raising prices.

4.10 x 1
4.15 x 1
4.40 x 1
4.45 x 1

and if the cheater is lucky, he starts an auction.

this process returns as a serious increase in the price of the products within 2-3 hours and the cheater gets an unfair profit.

solve: the source of this problem is that we only see the 4 most expensive products. you can add scrollbar to list. thus, those who makes bubble prices into the market cannot achieve their goals.


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I always thought there are only 4 prices at a time so that potential sellers wouldn’t know that they can sell for a lot more, and prospective buyers wouldn’t know they can buy for a lot less. I.e., a system intended to limit the profitability of market trading, and encourage players to buy more coin packs.