Garage Ranges

I was checking out some other player’s garages/ranges and discovered that some folks have some really cool ones, in terms of terrain layout and size. I have the cow pasture, which is kinda small and uninteresting. Is there a way to get a different garage range, or were they prizes in some contest? Just curious…

They come with the deluxe packs unfortunately. I personally really wish they would just sell them separately.

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If you own all 4 horsemen of the apocalypse packs, you can still buy the bundle pack of all 4 cars, and all it adds is the horsemen test range. For 12.79 euros.

So even if they sold the test tracks outside deluxe packs, would you be willing to pay around 13 euros for one?

Possibly later, but not at the moment. It really wouldn’t be the horsemen one that I’d want though.