Gasgen and

I’m looking for explosive things, would be best if they were energy free, but besides fuel tanks what else could i use?
fuel barrel, ammo boxes don’t seem explosive enough.
I bough Daze mod, but not only it eats 3 energy, but it seems it only becomes explosive after activation. ( i might be better using lances )
Gasgen fits nicely for what i want to do but i can mount only one.

Genesis drone microfactories maybe??

boom sticks r better cuz it makes u 100% invisible unlike laces



lol that was my thought too… I have like 4x of them sitting around already.

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that falls in the not explosive enough category.

Both will be invisible, but either of them will cost energy, it will be at last resort.

Rune is the most explosive thing I’ve come across besides Gas Gen

ya but laces the small flame gives u away when booms dont