Gasgen vs fire puddle-fix this 😉

we have 2 seconds max ,then BOOM!
it’s the most used in the game,can we get a fix so it’s not so unstable? :crazy_face:


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This is pretty much why I never use gas generators, but I also think it’s ok. Maybe a bit more durability would be good.

It is better than Apollo, i can say that much.

It really needs to add some durability, it is too easy to explode, and once it explodes it almost loses combat capability, and the new generator has 162 durability points, which is almost four times the difference, giving gasgen 2 times - 72 durability is appropriate,perhaps Ampere also needs a little extra durability


Gas Gen had more durability until the dev’s messed around with the gens ages ago

this is just why i stopped using gas gen, back to +2 energy gen until i could afford the apollo ^^
incinerator was my top 1 death for a long time

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it’s literally designed to be a bomb to increase the explosiveness of Lunatic lancer builds. So I don’t think it’s gonna be changed, ever.

Its trash and needs a buff. Its been around long b4 incinerators & drakes. This generator pops with a sneeze and nukes your entire build. Its huge too. Only smaller faster builds are going to be using it but its massive.

You have a choice to use the Bootstrap so it’s fine, use Kami if you really want to use it

Again, it’s not trash.
It’s compact, light and easily packed in under a ton of armour.
you can’t do that with Apollo (which became a museum piece like the steam engine of old) and the bootstrap.
In the end you can have a gasgen with more durability than Apollo and bootstrap combined.
Or the other guy dig really deep for a time or he have to use a Mandrake or Heather.

It is trash, nobody uses it except hover players. It takes one second in a fire puddle to lose an entire build. Its still a huge generator because of how long it is. You can’t easily tuck it away in the center of your build because its going to be close to the edge of your armor envelope somewhere no matter what. It takes one fire AOE player or yokai player to invalidate your entire build. Its a similar effect to using dual track/auger builds when there are enough tusk players on to see one in every game.

where do you get this stat?


It just needs like 100 or so dura added.

While it’s more risky in a medium build.

Here, take a look.

See? it has more durability than Apollo and Bootstrap combined.
I can’t do this with the later due to size, form and weight.

Scorps can reach it, Mandrakes and the other artillery piece can one shot me But that’s it.
Not even avalanches.
This build it’s good up to Mammoth and can face mastodons and it has a gasgen .
I did try with an Apollo. but it’s not as good, it’s slower, longer and sticks out.
I ponder buying/ make a Yokozuna to mount it upright without sticking out.

This is why people don’t use it.

I have a major problem with using a gasgen on a brick at that ps. I was mostly referring to it not being compact in the sense that it still has a 6 tile dimension, which means you can easily get popped from a peripheral hit even if your gen is in the middle of your vehicle. I find it easier to conceal a bootstrap than a gasgen because its only got a max dimension of 5 tiles and packs in with other modules extremely well. Its bulky but its a 4x4 box that can be layered very effectively behind other modules. Meanwhile the gasgen is this awkward 6x2x2 module that you really cannot compact into a brick of modules that shields weak volatile modules from many angles.

This is from my 10 k build

As you can see here, this was what i did, those two pieces of armour are there to protect it from fire, nothing else, it gives enough time to exit ASAP, due to small cab factor and weight limitations here (medium territory) is where things go a bit sideways.
but still possible.
This build can eat Tsunamis and take a few in the chin.

And this is from my 8 k build

That small piece of armour is there only for protecting the gen, this build has a reworked and improved backend (it cost me 700 HP but was worth it).
Those two small pieces of armour are very useful, i had games where the only thing at the back remaining was the gen. with distance, speed, turns. Those two pieces (one in either side are very hard to hit.

This two builds can function today but they went over weight limit after the co-drivers rework.
No way i could do this with bootstrap, 600 kgs.
It’s huge, it’s odd, as you can see, i don’t have space to use bootsrap + modules.

Using an Apollo in a medium build, only if i liked to walk around naked, it’s huge and it’s heavy.

Either way i prefer to use the gasgen, and i will switch to the Thor.
IMO i make less concessions using the gasgen than if i would use the other two.


You know what Scorps are good for?
Busting my engine
Besides against Scorps there’s no difference in what armour or modules you use, you will lose them anyway.

i remember people would run gasgens on tracks like goliaths. if i hit them with an incinerator they were finished xD
to slow to get out of the fire and poof they were gone lol.

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If you calculate how many kilograms of armor were used to protect Gasgen, you would switch to bootstrap

the armour is there to face cannons.
it would be there even without a gasgen.
like my drone build, it doesn’t use a gasgen and has better armour than my 10 k build

that was fast :rofl:

Other changes in part parameters


Durability will be increased from 36 to 72 pts.

Comment: both generators, in comparison with other generators (including the light “Thor-6S”), have a very poor ratio of survivability to damage caused by detonation relative to other generators.