Gen Chat Funnzies

giant monkey

the horn is mine


taco bell

'you have to tell us what your inhaling,drinking,or consuming before we Repond! thx :crazy_face: :rofl:
'just want to be on the same level…

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i just smoke weed. that’s it. and, honestly, I smoke it to keep me level headed. It’s when I’m out that I start to get looney.


I’m still waiting for the day I see something actually funny in the gen chat instead of kids presumable under the age of 10 arguing, angry people with the english skills of said under 10 year olds or cringe so immerse you want to shut the game all together

I actively avoid looking at the chat whenever possible

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yeah, it’s a crap-shoot to catch a time when gen chat is “normal” enough to have a conversation, much less be able to set-up a good joke. It can happen though. I didn’t even know gen chat existed for my 1st year of Crossout and, from that lonely experience, I like having gen-chat open more than not.