Gender Radio stuff

Hi, This is in some parts a repost of something i wrote on the Crossout steam forums. although if you’ve ever used the steam forums you’ll probably understand why i’m not satisfied with posting it just there.
this isn’t a “serious” issue but it does bother me whenever it comes up.
simply put i’m not a fan of the radio voices calling me a “dangerous man” or “brother”. i’m not a guy so i don’t vibe with that.
i cannot imagine the devs would put in the effort to have more lines be recorded to accomodate “sisters” and so on but at least disabling “gendered” radio stuff would be neat.
i’d rather not turn off the voices entirely since they (for the most part) make the game a lot more fun.
to answer some things that i got asked on my steam post
“REDACTED”: transphobia is not a valid response
“is this bait”: no i’m being genuine
“there are more pressing issues”: maybe, but this is the one that’s on my mind. pvp balance does not impact me since i play almost exclusively PVE

the post on the steam forum has the same thread title

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There is already a setting to just turn them off: All off (not just the gendered ones).

This under Settings>Audio>Advanced section “on right side of screen”> Enable Gameplay Voiceover.

Outside of that try putting it in the game suggestions bin:

Me personally, some people are too sensitive to small things.
And this is used outside this game. I hear guys and girls call their FEMALE friends dude, and no one says anything.
It’s not “gendered”, it’s normal.
But I do respect your want for equality.
And I MASSIVELY respect that you made your complaint in a sensible manner, instead of whining about it.
But seriously, reverse the roles, if it was only saying “you’re a dangerous woman” instead of “you’re a dangerous man”, would you still be complaining and calling for equality?
And it’s just a game, not everything needs “gendered” preferences nowadays.
Please, keep it about the content of the game that matters.

Given how few women play the game (according to their own survey), maybe the OP has a point?
It’s not that hard to write dialogue in a way that doesn’t assume the gender of the player and that still flows smoothly and naturally.
Unfortunately that would require re-recording a bunch of dialogue, and it might be hard to get the same voice actors on board again.
Although it might be possible to achieve it just through editing.

Obviously something like this isn’t a priority for the devs to fix, but it is a smart thing to keep in mind when writing game dialogue. Crossout definitely doesn’t need to alienate any potential players.

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I totally understand your want to be fully immersed in the game world through hearing a particular word or set of words that you personally connect with. So, I can get behind this idea. I think it’d be cool if we had a selection of Faction Leaders to choose from to be the voice we hear.

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For many decades women were not allowed in combat. They could be nurses or have staff jobs well inside friendly territory. In MASH we saw the friendly lines change rapidly and the mobile hospital had to bug out.
Of course, since then, Israel led the way for female gendered citizens to fight in actual combat zones. Now of course the USA has female gendered pilots and warriors.

This is a Russian game. Do you think the Russians allow women to fight? I do not think so, although I do not know. Why would a Russian who assumes all fighters are male gendered change the wording?
Why does dude call us Ladies? He says something like, “let’s go ladies” and call us all ladies. Am I to be offended by being called a lady when I identify as male? Is he not trying to insult me by calling me a lady? Why would being called a lady be an insult? Some of the toughest, mentally strong, emotionally balanced, peaceful, peace-loving, giving, caring humans I know identify as ladies.

sorry i don’t mean to be “too rude” but i am not sure if you’ve played this game before but you can select your “avatar” from a variety of characters. some of them are women. during battles some of the radio callout stuff is women speaking. they are very obviously present in this game and are basically impossible to miss. i don’t think the player being referred to by female words stuffs (or even neutral wording) is much of a stretch.
or differently put, there’s women co-pilots, women faction leaders, women speaking and participating in battles and you can pick one to be your picture avatar thingy.

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You would be surprised.

German soldiers were petrified to surrender to Russian women, they were the most cruel.

White death was the nickname of the most efficient sniper ( Finish guy) he had + 500 deaths under it’s name.
In that list of top snipers, you have a Russian woman, with +300 kills.

If you do a quick search you will see a bunch of women served in the Russian army in various branches, in various places.
Hey, in Stalingrad you will find plenty of women fighting

In the west, women were not just nurses, in France, Belgium, you had The Resistance and Live lines, the last ones had the mission of recovering shot down pilots behind the lines and to try to bring them back to safety, they were not just full of women, they were , in most cases, civilians, men and women that were under a huge risk.
Gestapo was always trying to infiltrate such organizations to bust them open, some of them were discovered.