General chat

How do you feel about the general chat they added?

For me I find it to be a cringefest, now I have to bear with having a bedlam tier chat going on, without being in bedlam.

meth pig

i love gen chat

Gen chat can be used for good, but most of the time Gen chat is pretty much a waste of space for people more interested in drama or just goofing off then playing the game.

Example above.

these things can be done while playing the game… :confused:

until they ban you from chat, be careful in gen chat… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and some mods play the game as well…‘so be careful in battle chat too’ :kissing_heart:

it’s just like going out anywhere, like the bar, most of the time it’s all fun and games…every now and then, one get’s cut-off or even kicked out, but in the end we still keep comin back for more. And, as long as we pay the tab from time to time, it’s all good.