General driving skills

Does anyone else feel like in general driving skills of players have gotten worse? It feels like if someone accidentally rams into a teammate and gets “locked” against the teammate rather than wedging it or bumping it to a side, the player keeps driving forward while trying to turn away from the teammates build, or just in general drive forward. Even if the player who is being driven into starts backing up, if he has less power/acceleration that the pusher all that happens is that the pushing player keeps running into his teammate trying to back up, prolonging the time the two players are locked against each other especially if structural parts somehow get locked against one another.

People, If you ram into a teammate back up, even if you keep pushing forward, even if you have boosters, and even if the player is trying to back up, you just keep being locked against the teammate. Especially is you get all pissy about it afterwards, it’s not my fault my build reverses slower than yours accelerates forward and you keep pushing into me, cutting my own mobility and power and we’re both sitting ducks because you keep trying to push forward without realizing that you’re not gonna slip off of the build, just keep going directly towards it.

Only if both reverse you’ll come loose, rather than one pushing the other and locking both players into place for multiple seconds.

And all the princesses who quit a match the moment any teammate bumps into them, get over it, it’s a vehicular combat game with crap traction there’s going to be bumps and pokes, if you are mad about it be mad at the developers who insists on steering and general vehicle momentum sucking balls for the most part


It sometimes feels like some matches load with wonky handling. Like my car fishtails constantly, and any turn feels delayed. I’m guessing that’s a lag thing?
Thankfully most matches aren’t like that, but enough are that I’m going to blame that for all my bad driving.

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The camera steering “just hold W” mentality probably has something to do with it.


I agree, some players don’t seem to realize they can reverse which allows both to rejoin the combat. They then begin to shoot and bump into you as though it was your fault. I remember this being mentioned before some years ago so nothing has changed. If you are a keyboard player the S key allows you to reverse.
The more annoying players, are those that are being mentioned in posts, that deliberately bump into you to try and trap you against an obstacle I have come up against a few of these again just lately. Unsporting Conduct.