General improvements

What kind of things would you guys like / want to see?

For me I’d like a Bedlam suicide cooldown, where if you spam sd repeatedly enough times you can’t sd for some time at all, like a 5 minutes penalty for those builds that just repeatedly spawn in and set the sd and shoot at someone, basically being untouchable most of the time and annoying everyone

And then I would like to see a pvp mode that does not let people join in groups, simple as

And for them to remove the invisible walls in the ravagers foothold map in bedlam, why do we even have jump pads in there anymore when we can’t get on top of the little buildings

id like to se a big overhaul to raids and a general decrease on the grind, the main reason i see people not wanting to stick to the game is simply because no one wants to spend 5 years playing to not be even near endgame.

about raids, id like to at least see them have better rewards, most of them barely pay off the fuel and feel extremelly boring, specially when its something the game wants you to play constantly. In the span of 4 years devs have pretty much just made raids harder and less rewarding, which i doubt anyone has liked.


One I would like to see is a list of hardware on items. For example, it would be cool if Radiators, Coolers, Reload modules, and The Power Unit listed the weapons they affected. It would also be nice if the weapons also had a list of hardware items that improve their performance.

I would also like it if the Devs added a Youtube video for a quick building tutorial for newer players to use.

More rewards for raids would be nice too.


You’re probably right, but personally, I’d like nothing to do with the end game. There’s not much there that I’m into, and I literally don’t know what to make of it.

The game is marketed as this sort of Mad Max video game (The trailers for this game and Fury Road are almost indistinguishable), but their sprawling nonsensical early development of this game has led to a pretty twisted and nonsensical tech-tree to climb, and a rather bizarre vision of the Apocalypse that looks hard to market, and overall it isn’t generally very popular. I mean how would you even describe what is going on?

They don’t. They sell it as one thing, but it performs like another. If they sold it the way it performs, they would have sideways-hover packs with spaced armor, and at least one premium shotgun wedge pack, but they don’t because people would look at that and go, “WTF is that?” All you could say is…IDK?

But you’re right, I do think a lot of people start playing this game, and for whatever reason, want to have it all right away, and then they look at how long and jagged that road is, how bad the game-play is (wonky matchmaking, exploits), how unreliable the investments are (they routinely nerf your purchases) and…well you can read about it until you’re sick anywhere this game is reviewed.

It appears now that their development team has taken off in a new direction too, with this new overhaul of the co-driver system. I would suspect that it is going to further increase the radically sprawling and increasingly nonsensical architecture of this game, but we’ll see.

To me it looks like they just make this stuff up as they go along and lack proper direction, and don’t outline their plans very well. It’s hard to guess what their vision for this game is, or if they have one, and why are we still experimenting with stuff like we are still in an open beta test. Other games just add features, this game changes the basic mechanics routinely.

Anyway, that’s my rant, about what I think needs to improve. But, if I was to advocate for development in an area, it would be Adventure mode. That mode could be so very much more, IMO.
Also, the entire crafting tree, fusion, and all the factions, and their faction builds need to be schit-canned and rebuilt from the ground up with a more logical and well planned out format.

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Mission mode but with less overall players, like 5v5 with no bots, 6v6 with no bots, or 6v6 with only 2 bot slots

Capture the flag and bring it back to home base mode that does not allow for builds with boosters or cloaks to participate

Defend the leader mode where one player from the team is randomly designated as the leader, and if he’s killed it’s an instant loss

We have 6v6 on Xbox, many of us want 8v8 back

Everyone has been asking for capture the flag for a looooong time. I to would like to see this mode added to normal missions and NOT a brawl. I also disagree with the restrictions.

This does sound fun, but your going to have that guy that hates the mode and runs out to die if they are the leader. Sadly if something like this was added it would need to be a brawl… personally I’m not interested in more brawls, we need mission modes.

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This would be very useful for new players, but also for when new weapons are introduced.

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couldn’t agree more, they really seem confused on which direction to lead the game.

to be really honest, as much as i like the high tech stuff, specially for their visuals, they really dont fit the game and dont make any sense what so ever, im pretty sure there is some lore piece that explains how such highly technological gear is being made in this scenario, but it still doesn’t make much sense when you think about it, why would people spend so many resources on a laboratory making super advanced technology in a scenario where literally every piece of metal you find is necessary and everything is falling apart?

As you said, crossout was supposed to be a game about building post-apocalyptic vehicles, and that’s also one of the reasons that got me to play the game, but this high tech stuff kinda ruins it? like, i dont feel they are literally killing the game as some people say, but i definitely think if they kept with only post-apocalyptic stuff things would feel a lot more fitting.

I believe the devs can kinda “fix” this, not by removing the high tech stuff, but focusing on making more content that feels like it was made during a world ending scenario, stuff like weapons made of multiple parts combined to make a new gun, like fortune or nidhogg, movement parts like chained wheels and shivs, those feel like things that wouldn’t really be practical on an actual war, but things people would do when they have to make whatever they can with whatever they can find, i believe that’s the crossout most people are looking for, and it definitely sounds more interesting than ultra high technological weapon number 523, at least for me.

Imagine how cool it would be to have a new type of machinegun that combines parts from multiple other machineguns to make one strong beast, or maybe a weapon that shoots out actual hand grenades? that would be really interesting.


I don’t see a big contradiction in the various tangents of the game. Even the most high tech builds in the game seem a junkyard if you look closely at them, and that’s part of the charm of the game.
Obviously Mad Max is a reference point, but so are the junkyard aspects of Star Wars, and probably references to a bunch of giant robot and sci fi stuff in general.
The selling point is that you craft your avatar from scratch, and can decide to exist within established tropes (nothing wrong with that), or create your own unique post apocalyptic persona and style. Within the Crossout universe, there are many established builds that have no reference point outside of the game. I think that’s amazing, and I also think it’s amazing that we can easily make vehicles straight out of mad max, Star Wars, or any tank warfare movie.


That’s the part that isn’t working for me. I’d like to stay within the established Mad Max trope, but my Engineers level prohibits that apparently. Instead of using the guns and wheels I want, I have to instead seek something with a high power-score, piling garbage I don’t want on my build, or using cabs I’m not particularly interested in just to get the power-score up so the matchmaker will let me into an arena I really am not interested in being in. Which is why I don’t play as often as I used to.
That’s probably why it’s not driving me crazy, or even made me a little upset to not be able play right now (My GPU died). To me, my favorite game already died about a year ago.
I like Mad Max, not min-max. Hopefully the co-driver re-work will improve that situation.

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You can still play Mad Max outside of low PS, you just need to think bigger war rigs. Instead of using your extra energy for James Bond spy car modules, just pile on more guns and wheels. It’s a high risk/high reward approach: either you get knocked out early and barely score 40 pts, or you hold back and your DPS helps you mow through every enemy pushing through the front lines.

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You’re probably right. I think there is a way, I just need to be more clever than I currently am.
I’ve been trying to pick up on other people’s techniques and strategies, but frankly it’s more trouble than I really want to get into sometimes. I’d like to just build something simple and just play. There’s plenty I could build in this game (lots) that I’d like to play, and would work, but if it’s not above 6K…the matchmaker…
I’d like to play the game on the poster and in the art, the one they sell in the store, like I used to. Now it’s sideways hovers, and odd spaced armor things, that I just wouldn’t think of building, because WTF would that even work? Who would think to use a canvas roof on poles as armor? How do hovers not fly into space when they fire twin Executioners? That guy on Small-Tracks caught me in my Mustang? How? How did he chew through my Engine-block with a chain-saw?

In my universe a guy with a .22 and gym-shoes will beat a guy with a Husqvarna and work boots any day of the week, but that’s wrong-think in the world of Crossout. It’s hard to set that logic aside and tolerate the loss like it was fair-play, when it was more like wonky physics and bizarre equivalences. How do I fix that, I wonder? How do I counter that? Do I want to? It just feels dumb to loose to some of the things in this game.

Sure…the chain-saw is…it’s got …eh…unobtainium blades that can slice through anything (but my guns pop off like tin-foil?)…I should have known. I should have protected myself with a shield of canvas on poles, I guess?
That’s just not a solution that comes to my mind comfortably due to how broken the logic is, and I struggle with it.

I guess I’d like to see improvements in that kind of stuff. I’m not looking for complete realism. Not at all, but some of what goes on here doesn’t make a lot of sense and isn’t intuitive at all, since some of it is contrary to the universe I’m familiar with. I’m good with exaggerating features for fun and fantasy, but some of the things that bother me the most are features that aren’t an exaggeration of reality for the sake of sci-fi and fantasy, but are contrary to logic.

It’s not that I hate this game. I have fun playing, but these are the things that stand between me and fun the most often.

I would love for the devs to:
Hire professional play testers, that will test any new changes, weapons, nerfs, buffs… etc.
This would mean that anything new being brought out would come out the door a whole lot more finished and polished. Playtesting would drastically decrease chances of them dropping another update like the hover nerf or the wedge nerf.

As for content that I’d like seeing added, I would love an overgrown map. Like a legit jungle! All of the maps so far are just dry, arid grasslands, with the occasional tree. Not much biome variety!

Content like this and updates being verified, plus a bunch of other things like Better servers and a more satisfying progression would all be possible if targem would shift their focus a bit more towards XO, and not their other franchises. Making the game a better place may not be a profitable move compared to creating yet another pack or battlepass, but in the long term this move would bring in so many new players!

Just think about it…


I would love if all invisible walls within the map were removed, so we can claim and get away from W pushers, if they don’t want people on top of tall buildings within the map, then make the roofs not solid so builds fall right through them!

The one BIG change i would like is rather than a bar to represent statistics on weapons, modules etc i would like a number. For example: a double scorpion shot does 560 damage so mark scorpions and 270 damage not a 9.1 bar. A double breaker does 108 or 54 damage per gun and shows 5 bars so it does not show figures accurately.


Any part that provides a buff or that can receive a buff should have all applicable parts listed. Too much is vague. Do reload boosters help adaptors? Or do power units boost them? Or neither?


Poony, that is a very good question. The vague descriptions are why I wish there was a tab for which item affects another.