Gerrida and push mechanics

Hi after 2 nerf´s i guess gerrida is to weak. Especially when you’re being pushed, you have practically no chance of defending yourself. I am of the opinion that these 2 points have simply been worsened too much:

Lower traction. The car is now easier to push with these legs.

Increased inertia when turning.

I think it would be fair if these changes were reversed. I would also be interested to know what your opinion is.

I also wanted to talk about the push mechanics. My opinion is that it’s almost ridiculous if, for example, you have 8 Gerrida legs and are pushed by a hover. And that didn’t just happen to me once, but it wasn’t just with Gerrida’s legs that I noticed that the mechanics were just bad, but also with tires etc. where the much lighter build could easily push builds that were twice as heavy.

Kind regards, Papa_Keiler


All the legs actually suffer from this. They are secretly hovers with different animations attached to them. :smiley:

If that is the truth, then Ml200 must be good, hovers but tanky

Wheels are more sluggish now than before,
yoiu have to check this out but i remember bigrams in wheel mode can push a lot.

I’m kind of teasing with the statement but from my tests with pushing them around it’s kind of what I think is going on with them.

Gerridas should be nerfed, but after looking at a few builds on the exhibition, they do feel a little… off. I had some from the Road to Singularity battle pass, and I had used them some (salvaged them because I couldn’t sell, and never used them), they felt pretty good as far as omnidirectional movement parts go. But the new updates pushed them a bit too far out. I’m all for nerfing META, but this seems a bit overkill. Hovers should stop in their tracks when running into something (or at least be unable to push it), despite the Gerrida looking like it does.

For a time now, i’ve been back and forward with the idea to buy some legs ( nowadays there are epics not worth to build, one will spend more building them than buying them).
But i always forget about that detail.
I remember bigrams being a show stopper when comes down to push…
Gueridas in the other hand, they are similar to BFs, very similar tank wise.

They overnerfed gerridas like a buncha idiots. I swear they must have 5 different mostly clueless and unskilled people being in charge of balance which is why they are so incoherent and slow to balance things.
They needed a nerf, but why they went ahead and nuked their grip confuses me.

I normally just laugh about this stuff but I don’t really take the game that seriously. That’s a lot of the reason why I said I was teasing on this from the testing they really do seam to be floating legs. I don’t know how many of you do try to use the pads to make multi-player builds but they seem to only work really well on hovers and legs. Which is something that got me interested in testing them more.