* Gerrida I perk 🤗 'jump up and smash'

these legs need a perk to ‘jump up and do damage to anyone under them’ :crazy_face:

'to be able to jump up while running and land on top of players doing damage,and just jumping in place,is what this leg is missing… :saluting_face:


Can you imagine how mad that would make the people who already think they’re OP?
But yes, we need jumping legs! And crushing damage!


They could have just giving us vertical boosters.

There’s a (dare I say it) talented bedlam player who has a build which can jump up and land on whatever/whoever he wants with good accuracy. The principle could probably be used with gerridas, and mounted with lacerators underneath, could have a similiar effect.

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My suggestion was Pogo Legs LOL!

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We used to be able to mount jet boosters vertically but Targem’s reasons for that being removed was (to paraphrase) “unfair flying cars”…yet it was still possible for 3 years later that certain weapons could cause enough recoil ‘propulsion’ that they could perpetually hover high in the air.
As much as I agree with Targem’s decision to make the boosters only horizontally mountable, I also disagree with Targem’s decision to make them only horizontally mountable :[

Just make a two leg spider with some junk poking out the back to help hold it up (but leaning back). Mount a bunch of boosters in the back, and you should get lift if your tilt angle is right.
Might work with using a hover in the rear to hold it up.