Get ready for faction war!


The “Sky raiders” update is here, which means everyone can now assemble their armoured aircraft and take into the air. But this concerns not only you — the factions have gathered their strength, prepared a new fleet of vehicles, and are ready to enter the battle for dominance over the Valley!

The Kaganate and the Brotherhood have mobilized all their battle groups, eyewitnesses report the first aerial skirmishes, and even giant aerial platforms have been seen in some places! Structures of this scale are unusual for the current times, and we can see all the signs of preparation for a major confrontation. And you will become its direct participants!

Starting on Monday, October 16, the Faction war will begin in Crossout — a long-term event where you can join one of the sides of the conflict and receive valuable prizes.

To participate, you only need to select one of the following factions as active:

  • Scavengers or Steppenwolfs — to participate on the side of the Brotherhood
  • Lunatics or Firestarters — to participate on the side of the Kaganate

After this, all the reputation you earn in battles will also be taken into account in the progress of the Faction war. The result of each side is the amount of reputation the survivors have earned by working for one of the factions it relates to.

Since you can change your active faction at any time, you can always change the side which you earn points for.

The event will consist of 5 stages, with each lasting one week — the last of these stages will end on November 19. Based on the results of each stage, one component of the final reward will be determined, depending on which side emerged victorious.

At the end of the Faction war, all survivors will receive a set of 5 rewards, compiled in accordance with its results. This way, each participant directly influences what makes it to the final list. The rewards can be obtained even without participating in the event — for example, by activating one of the factions not listed above. However, in this case, you won’t be able to affect the result of this event!

Choose a side, fill up your fuel tanks and get ready to fight for the title of the new overlord of the Valley!


Def playing for the Brotherhood, who wants crummy lunatic parts?

Looks cool on paper. Maybe I’ll play a couple games

Do we actually have to use the faction parts for our builds?
It kind of sounds like we just pick a side, and use whatever builds we want.


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We’ll get parts at the end of the event, they will depend on which faction wins.

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I’ve always liked the Kaganate region of the map, so I’ll probably go that way. Can we have a pronunciation guide to the “Kaganate”? Is it “kah-gah-NAH-tay” or “kahgah-NATE”?

lol, didn’t see this post. just posted about it myself, OOPS! I sware, the devs watch me! I know they don’t, it just feels like they do. I just posted my short story about ObsidianFang being part of both the Steppenwolf’s and the Firestarter’s and, the day after, they release content to pit me against myself! As if I didn’t have enough personality issues!! LMAO

I’m so here for this, thuogh. My jaw dropped when I 1st saw The Gates of the Valley. Set my imagination running wild.


When I tried making functional faction builds, the Lunatics were by far the worst to try to work with. They do indeed suck. It was so discouraging that I gave up on the project and never even bothered with the Firestarters.

The other factions have comparably useful parts, and I could assemble pure faction builds that could survive and win in PVP with any of the other faction parts, but the Lunatics are particularly bad, I think.

Even though this isn’t a requirement, but because I’m into the immersion (rpg), I’ll probably give faction exclusive assemblies another try…and because I’m an impractical, artistically focused, lore-fan, who always does schit the hard way (as long as it’s pretty), I will probably go against the grain and lean back into the Lunatics and Firestarters with this event.

Their weapons are good, but their structure parts SUCK. Maybe they will find their niche in the wonderful world of choppers? It seems like a good fit, as far as the structure parts go (light weight), but the melee and shotguns just don’t mesh with choppers, nor do they even seem to jive well with their own structure parts. Being at point blank range (to apply shotguns or melee) wearing tin see-through armor laid over aluminum tubing is suicide. I’ve not figured out how to make that work, anyway.

But, I love the underdog. I can’t help it. Just winning isn’t enough (Lunatics/Firestarters will never win this contest), and so I’ll try it again.

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im of the belief that the “g” is silent and that it is Khaa -an- ate

I used to avoid lunatic parts because they had so little HP and didn’t love the look, but I’ve realized more recently that light parts often make better armour, as you can use more of them, and put more space between your juicy bits and the exterior of your car.
I can often get my durability higher using light parts.
I always use lots of firestarter parts, but mostly because they look cool. Seems like they work reasonably well though.

Making my builds big (fluffy) has always been something I’ve struggled with (I’m just not inspired to want to), but I think you’re right; that is the trick to Lunatic/Firestarter builds…maybe. IDK. I’ve never had any success with it, but I’ll take that thought (make it fluffy) into the garage with me when I attempt it yet again.

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Me too, my impulse has historically been to build as compact as possible, while still having a reasonable amount of HP.
But that’s not as effective as building big, so I’ve been trying to integrate some spaced armour theory into how I build.

I got into Crossout first for the mad max aspect, and that’s still what I love the most. But if it was just cars vs cars, I would get bored, and there’s something really unique about battling giant spiders, hovering war platforms, and mutant tanks with a mad max armoured car.
I’ve begun to see the big spaced armour high PS builds as the logical next step that would come out of a mad max vehicular arms race. People are going to build as big as they can, and use the best technology they can, and use the best armouring techniques to come up with monster vehicles that are more like mobile bases than cars. I can fit that into the Crossout world I’ve created in my head, and appreciate the role playing aspect of trying to take my mad scientist garage skills to the next level.

Sorry, that was a long ramble.

TLDR: Crossout has become something much bigger than a car combat game to me, but I am glad that I can still go back to that aspect when I want to. I like small cars and I like giant leviathans, and I’ve learned to love meta builds because they are like mini-leviathans. Flying tanks is the logical next step.

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I use a lot of lunatic and firestarters parts. Note: this does not mean I think they are the “best” parts.

But I play almost all light cabins where weight matters more.


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This is an actually good idea, the first genuinely good one in like ages, This is how you spark interest into the game and get people to play

Firestarters all the way

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The Firestarter parts have a nice look, but GL making anything that fits seamlessly with them, even without restricting yourself to pure FS/Lunatic parts.

I’m somewhat okay with Lunatic parts, but they often look ugly once painted…