Get rid of the chips as crate fillers

We don’t need any more chips in the crates, stop giving building arena parts as rewards…JUST STOP:

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Preach it! Unless they wanna make them tradable so I can sell all of them as I’m not gonna use em!

Please make them tradable, I need more.

When the fuse events come when you only need 2 parts I use these all up.

I know a ton of guys that want more of them and would gladly buy them in the market.

I got a bunch collecting dust in my storage, I would sell em to you but our Crossout overlords forbid me to do so sadly :frowning:

Do you ever fuse stuff?

I haven’t fused anything in years, I not in a clan so I see no need for it

It has nothing to do with being part of a clan, some builds can not be made without it.

When the fuse item comes you only need one part.

You can use 1 fused part, lock the traits with the chips and reroll the item at the cost of 1 part.

It makes god fusing low level gear very cheep. (Or any gear really)

I just tend to build within the weight limit, if I go over the weight limit I make tweaks to my build, I do have a couple of fused parts (weaponry)but I find that I don’t need to fuse stuff, now if it was cheaper I may fuse more stuff but as of right now I don’t use the fusing mechanic in this game

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I would agree that you don’t “need” to fuse everything. But some parts like radiators and coolers are such a big advantage that they are pretty much “must fuse” items.

Weapons would be one of the last things I would worry about fusing.

But for me, Modules are “Must fuse” and Cabins are “Should fuse” items. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

A good player with a fully fuse car becomes a great player, and a great player becomes god like.

Food for thought.

But can your fused items fix crossout laggy servers huh?
Now that be worth fusing!

You must play on PC? Yes?

The Xbox servers always work good.

I hope when we get crossplay that they don’t use whatever PC is on.

Yup, I am on PC and lucky you as I think they use 2000’s servers on PC lol

Not sure what servers they use. I do think some of the server complaints has to do with region you live in.

All I know is on the east coast of the US, Xbox servers have been awesome since the start.

There are some specific bad servers, those in RU region e.g. and depending on time of the day you will be shifted there to fill the teams. If you feel like it you can try to memorize bad ones and gtfo immediately.

I have 10 on some and up to 18 on others…I so wish I could trade/sell them

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Same here