Getting tired of challenges

Anyone else starting to get tired of the battle pass challenges, especially the limiting ones like gain over 850 points 5 times with insert weapon type, or do something with insert another weapon type?

I don’t enjoy using every weapon type in the game and sometimes, with all the other necessary forced grinding, it feels like I can’t play the build I want to play with and am forced to use something else.

Every week it starts to feel more and more like “Oh boy I wonder what I am forced into having to use for those battle pass levels this time around” rather than being excited for any new parts those levels might bring with them.

I’d like more challenges that are doable with a more wider array of builds and guns, rather than very specific “This week you must win 10 battles with autocannons and using a heavy cabin while earning over 850 points per battle while destroying 50 part in scrap metal battles in mission while earning 150 fuel in total”

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I just don’t do the challenges I don’t like.

But as long as they keep it to basic items I don’t see a problem with it.

Anyway no sense doing BP where Omamori require no-accessable craft part just because even one person could buy every market piece.

This Helicon craft was broken since start and was suspicious when added. This new BP is its continuation.

This sound like some “leak” corruption and preparing Battle Pass to just serve “some” people. I could enter first after update and already seen everything bought off. And even if it would not be like this, then its very bad to make some “rat race” like this.


Now you starting to get it :+1:

Would be nice of people to understand it when they have cut the BP points per challenge, but better late than never.

Yep. They require Trombone, which is non-craftable. Trombone workpieces, if any, require Therm, which is also non-craftable.

What a coincidence that someone (who may or may not be friends with the devs and/or gets all the info from them in their Discord channel) bought all this crap required to craft Trombones. And you can’t use Trombones from the previous BP since they have other fused parameters.

Which, in order, is required to craft Omamori (fused, though).

Which, in order, additionally requires four Threshers.

Which, in order, requires from you to level up a lot of times and craft some more from those teal limited angle machine gun.

Win-win for the devs, pay-play for you.


Like the 850 points or more with cannons one, in which powerscore? Any powerscore you go to you won’t be getting even that because of the general slowness and sluggishness of cannon builds/cannons themselves, No matter if you do good or not someone else is going to get all the points with any machine gun or shotgun build taking in 3000+ points and you’re left with 600 points max no matter how sweaty you play or how many kills or assists you get, because of how generally poorly performing cannons are in raking up top scores compared to all other weapons

What… I got kinda often 4k+ points with mastodon hadrom wheel build. Very fast and doing ton of damage.

IMO at least Mammoths/Mastodons are never good weapon for heavy vehicles really(except humpback maybe), because they take too much mass(so you loose on something) and can be degunned anyway easy if not fast build.(and even when you hide them, then you loose too much mass because of them).

Well you got poor experience, but not me, i can have 3+k score with HVY build in mission. Just yesterday friend sent screenshot where he had 2.5k score with HVY slow build.

Ofc i agree faster builds get more points because BOTS can be grinder for a points, but still its more about Skill and Map.

OR do you mean challenge points since i dont get u

No idea how good legendaries are, I am stuck trying to make executioners work

They work, I can win battles and earn resources, but if I have to go for mvp or specific points then nope. Anything beyond 800 points feels like it takes as much effort as going for 2000+ points on the more point friendly weapons, not to mention even what feels like god-like accuracy with shots just does not earn as much points as say spraying millers all over the enemy team while feeling like you are doing absolutely nothing

Cant tell about executioners. i Know they were OP some time ago and everyone were using them, but they nerfed them down, so maybe it was too much nerf.

Mammoths were changed now too, i guess they will be little better in CW, but worse in Missions.

They got a buff, and it is a noticeable one as well, but they still just can’t keep up with faster weapons, especially when proper triple executioner builds go to the 12000 ps range where you’re competing for points with lots of more overall faster weapons

Then again point distribution is also very wonky, in general you usually see battles where one player makes 3000+ points, and everyone else makes 400-500.

Very rarely you see a more even point distribution where say the top 4 players of the match all make 1500-2000 points, even in some matches say the last two players left are a minigun hover and a heather support build, you could swear both of them put as much work into winning the match as they finish off the enemy team but then 3000 points for the hover, 600 points for heather

i feel like its your personal experience mostly.

  • myself i can do 4k+ fast mastodon build
  • but i can also do 3k+ kaiju HVY build.
  • I cant tell how much do HVY Mastodon, but i played some games before with it and was also easy to make a lot of points.

Just some of last screen i had from 10.07 based on PS it was light Mastodon.

So again, cannons can do a lot, they are just not for HVY builds (except humpback), but for rather fast builds. But even on slow builds they can do a lot score if contructed proper way.

Now I am curious if higher ps means more overall points that can be earned in general compared to lower ps matches, even on the loosing team that is a lot of points, usually I see them being 50-200 with maybe 200-700 on the top player on a loosing team, even in a fairly normal match that does not feel extremely onesided

It could make sense, with people having more parts on their builds meaning more points could be earned by shooting said parts off and so on

For sure a little, just a little, but i remember doing 6k Score on 12k PS lol. Ofc like you say your team cant kill enemies too fast, because then 2-3k is max alike. (on dying team its also hard because you alone ofc ;p)

It is little more for sure, because vehicles have 80/80 better parts usually that yeld more points.

Tho its not much because kills/assists/deguns give most points anyway.

I’m definitely getting tired of all of the BPs and challenges. I wish BPs could be bought and completed at people’s paces. FOMO can lead to fear avoidance and quitting if players feel they’ve fallen too far behind.

This is why I wasn’t a fan of the limited crafting in the first place. Now they’re selling these items back to us just to maximize profit.

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I’d like to be able to do some challenges in Adventure. That used to be possible with ones requiring the use of specific weapon types, or doing X damage, or destroying X parts/enemies. IIRC, that possibility started to be gradually removed during the last three seasons, and for a few weeks now, it no longer exists. This change can’t be justified with some idea to make us play the game in a ‘proper’ way, seeing as we’re being treated to:

  • a constant fresh stream of unfun mini-brawls that chief developer Alex seems to be pulling out of his… Horn of Plenty,
  • the new mode “Slaughter,” which plays out like an even worse version of those brawls,
  • tournaments with exposed explosives, or modifier modules that change various parameters of the vehicles (because the organizers don’t know how to make the tournaments fun?), which results in a gameplay experience completely different from typical PvP missions.

So there is absolutely no need to force players to use something they don’t normally use in missions. Unless…

  • it thus takes them longer to complete BP challenges,
  • they’re less effective in combat due to building suboptimal vehicles with weapons they’re not proficient with,

which might potentially result in them not completing some of the challenges, and thus having to buy a few levels. :smiling_face_with_tear:

i just quit , got my 10 new legs and logged out 2 weeks ago , havent logged in since lol… they gotta give the bps a rest or let the daily challenges rollover or they risk burning alot of people out just trying to get that fused legendary at the end

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I’ve been really busy in my life. The Fomo is leading to burnout. I don’t want to play anymore…

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I just put an Avenger on and load up with MGs and run Patrol for challenged like that…

Shotguns I add 1 Lupara and do the same…

Do 5 Easy Raids with 3 Avengers. Challenge complete.