Gewichtsveränderungen am "Erweiterten Munitionspaket"

Aufgrund der Gewichtsänderung (+120Kg) an dem Modul “Erweitertes Munitionspaket” bin ich gezwungen (mal wieder) meine wohl geliebten Fahrzeuge umzubauen und neu zu konstruieren. Mir geht das Ehrlich gesagt so auf den Keks das ich am liebsten durch den Bildschirm greifen würde um bei euch den verantwortlichen einen derart verdienten Nackenklatscher zu geben, was ich mit Rücksicht auf mein Equipment leider bedauerlicherweise nicht machen kann (Nur Spaß). Nein, ich kann “nicht einfach so” meine Fahrzeuge ändern. Dafür fehlen mir sowohl Budget als auch teile um z.B. den Motor aufzuwerten oder eine Bessere (Legendäre) Kabine oder allgemein bessere teile zu Erwerben. Durch diese Änderung fehlt mir nun auch die Motivation mein Gehalt in dieses Spiel umzulagern um eben genanntes zu erreichen um so oben genannte Änderung abzufedern. Ebenfalls sind meine Fahrzeuge sehr Kompakt gebaut d.h., mir fehlt ebenfalls der platz für z.B. einen besseren Motor. Da dieser Beitrag sowieso nicht fruchten wird und HöcHstWAhrscEInlich sehr schnell sehr gelöscht sein wird, und ich deshalb auch keine Verbesserungsvorschläge hier zu Tage bringen Werde, verabschiede ich mich mit der Gesellschaftlich gerade so zulässigen empörten Verachtung und wünsche ihnen den Fluch des Immerwährenden Schluckaufs für den Rest ihres Lebens.

Hochgradig von der Spielentwicklung Enttäuscht,

Candis_Mayoris, der nun sämtliche Fahrzeuge neu Konstruieren muss.
*bitte mit humor nehmen
Einige Beispiele um mein Problem zu Erläutern:

“Weight changes to the “Advanced Ammunition”

Due to the change in weight (+120kg) on the “Extended Ammunition Pack” module, I am forced (once again) to convert and redesign my beloved vehicles. To be honest, I’m so annoyed that I would like to reach through the screen to give you those responsible a well-deserved clap on the neck, which unfortunately I can’t do due to my equipment (just kidding). No, I can’t “just change” my vehicles. I don’t have the budget or parts to upgrade the engine or buy a better (Legendary) cabin or better parts in general. Due to this change, I now lack the motivation to shift my salary into this game in order to achieve the aforementioned in order to cushion the above-mentioned change. My vehicles are also very compact, meaning I don’t have the space for a better engine, for example. Since this post won’t be fruitful anyway and will most likely be deleted very quickly, and I won’t be able to come up with any suggestions for improvement here, I’ll say goodbye with the indignant contempt that’s just socially acceptable and wish you the curse of perpetual hiccups for the rest of their lives.

Extremely disappointed with the game development,

Candis_Mayoris, who now has to redesign all vehicles.
*please take it with humor
Some examples to explain my problem:

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How would you feel if people from all 195 countries in the world posted on this forum in their native language?, do you think people would understand them?

Two simple suggestions, German guy who don’t know English or is not bothered to write in English.

  • take out the ammo box - problem solved
  • Put the other ammo box ( blue one) you will be able to fit several - problem solved.
  • fuse your ammo box for weight

Co-driver rework was much more difficult to get around.

You only have to find 119 kg.
Are you telling everyone you can’t find 119 in the entire build?
Come on!
You are not being efficient enough, i thought German was all about efficiency and little tweaks, like the numerous Messerschmitt BF - 109 variants that came out during WWII, those same numerous variants that make it harder to resupply the planes cause they were using different parts and all.
And what about Porches, they are tweaking the same model (911) for decades now.
I suspect you are not a German, you write in German, but you lack the tweaking syndrome.
Came on, man, it’s only 119 kg.

See? and i’m not even German


Without ammo Box i have maximum shoot 14/12. if i change the ammo to blue i can shoot 19/16. with my Standart version (Advanced ammo) i can shoot 30/26 by same part ammount. As i said above (1st of all sry for me writing in german, but i´m german and feel a lot safer in german language than english. idk if yk german) as i said above (i understand if you cant understand), i dont have the ressources to fuse my ammo pack one or multiple times to get the wished parameters :slight_smile:

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You could take off just 1 or 2 armor parts to make up for that 120 kg, its not that hard i presume.

Yes i know what you mean. but: (yes the big But) at least 3 countries have german as their official language. Main reason because i wrote in german is beacause i´m not very safe in English and dont trust google Translate or any other translating device, Yes, you got a point i truly confirm that. hope you can understand me. MudnBeer was so friendly and translatet the post in the comments so everyone can read.
greetins Candis

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Then change your build, take a look to the example i posted, from 11973 kg to 11584 kg.

change the frames, take out frames and put buggy floors, they are very good
put more wheels, change the armour components for lighter ones

or you can compromise.

With the blue one you get less ammo, but also less PS and they are lighter…there’s Harpy cabin or the special cabin that will double your ammo.
For 1 epic ammo box you can fit 3 blue ones (if i’m not mistaken)
Fuse the blue ones then, they are much cheaper and safe to do.

Tweak, man, tweak.

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I have been to germany, it is my neighbouring country, but alot of germans are bad at english because their tv channels dont show subtitles for english movies or shows but they are revoiced in german.
i have no idea why they do this lol.

And i am pretty sure MudnBeer used google translate, since he is from the usa drinking beer and playing in the mud.

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I´ll see what i can do. i already deleted inner armour and all builds already have light frames.
there is not very much space to fix builds before completly redesing them. about 1/2-1 year ago i had the same problem because the tracks got bad.

I used to use wheels, i now i’ve been using tracks, they are ok…or wheels got a lot worse.

if you choose to compromise you won’t need more space ( the blue ammo box are much smaller)

check if you really need as many frames, probably you won’t need all the frames you are using.
you can use buggy floors instead of a 4x4 frame.
If you are using wheels, change it to hermits or buggy wheels ( if you are not already using hermits.

why don’t you post here several screenshots of your build?
I bet you we can find 119 kg in your build.

I used to have the same overweight problems on my builds for people who downloaded by builds from the exhibition, because i used an upgraded cab with more mass limit, but the people that downloaded didnt have that.
So i made it a standard practice not to load my car up to the max.
Maybe it is a good tip for you to leave a few hundred kilograms free?, you get better acceleration this way if you do.

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I dont have hermits or buggy wheels. If you could request my discord (candis.mayoris) i can send you some pictures of my build. i dont want to post it here because idk who´s watching

I don’t have discord, post it here.

Me and others willing to help you will be seeing it

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this is with Atitlan. the red part on the “Back” is removed because of weight

and this is the one with Grizzly. also here the red parts getting removed

I"m looking at your builds, gasgen and 2 block wide light frame blocks, i bet ramming builds explode you alot. :thinking:
and since you seem to be a slow heavy track user i wonder what cab you use since you get overweight so easily, heavy track builds should use heavy cabs.

At all not a problem. there is not happening much when i get rammed. only problem is when i flip over but this thankfully doesnt happen so much because of a good weight center.
as cabin i use Humpack and Bastion. for others i dont have hte money

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From what i can see.

1- I think i see a hardcore engine, if you can you should try with a red hot, its 500 kg vs 1000 kg plus of mass limit. If you are able switch for a red hot engine and you are done.

2- you don’t need to 2x6 or 2x8 frames ( the ones connected with the tracks ) instead of those use 2 or 3 1x4 light frames connected with your tracks they will be protected by the tracks and if one fails you have another connecting point.

So, instead of this

you can have this

or this, or even something in between

a practical example. The rear tracks are only there to offer protection to the radar

examples using buggy floors. ( instead of frames)

the gas gen is a bit exposed. maybe a block higher in the build
Maybe this example may interest you

Now, the same armour layout of a heavy build, the same armoured parts but in a medium build.

I hope this is enough to help you find 119 kg.

if not you can always switch to full harden tracks

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