Giant killer ball

Giant crushsher ball the size of the steel ball but better. It explodes after 10 seconds of hitting someone and if you wanna pull the trigger early go ahead for a faster explosion. Does high amounts of contact damage and if you hold onto it in a fight it protects you for a bit before it decides its had enough and it launches out to explode. It has a magnetic ram piston controlled by a compressor and a furnace tank for pressure. Uses electric motor to get the ball spinning. Full diamond plated and speed gauge of the ball spinning above the ram piston to gauge ur ball speed and distance after launch. Can be skinnered so be careful of the balls return but its super heavy weight does tremendously crazy damage to bigger targets but the explosion is where it gets worse. Pieces of giant parts of the ball goes every direction for extra splash damage as it explodes to ensure a double whammy after the explosion. Very big radius of blast and can only have 2 crusher balls per front angled turrret at
5 energy cost. Durability unknown. Damage unknown. Range medium. Great object to try to dodge and run from as an idea of something torturing to some builds but fun for the explosions its a big one and it could possibly hit half the team pretty bad if everyone’s too close to this ball of death. And yes it would be fun to skinner alot but omg the damage it could do to a skinner if they decide to blow it up early. Almost like a hot potato type deal. If could be trigger detonated or should it just be timed for fun and can be skinnered into battle for the explosion assistance from a friend? Idk lets keep the ball rolling in my opinion so its very hard to slow down unless it hits a hard object surface so its less bouncy but more spinny and lethargic.

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Old yellow book with old common weapons. And yeah i draw everything .

So i got used to the crossout look by copying the real 3D guns so its a good practice to always copy work of others to understand the feeling more when drawing something up.

It lets you get into the crossout mindset more. And yes this is my sons book i made for him to read on the buss to school. Still workin on it and its a fun thing to have when you have all information drawn into pages for easy reading when away from crossout itself.

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I def want a big huge spikey ball. Like…The size of a growl cabin. With manual detonation and they sort of just plop in front of you, and you have to move it like you would the giant soccer ball. Or it could have two firing modes. The second mode launches the ball at the enemies at a slow speed. But it does a lot of dammage. You can have a handful on the field at once, and they last for like 30sec if not more before self detonating.

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I was also thinking of maybe making the firing piston to be able to be shot at the person as a backup after the ball or balls have been fired. And yes the longer the better and more firing modes the cooler it can be.

Funny you said that because my son and i made a growl cabin with spikes all over it for my tow truck and he would melee hit players with spikes as i tossed him around with the skinner haha. He didn’t like it as much as i did until i was getting thrown around hahaha. I think he still has it saved. And yes the exact weight of a growl with all the spikes and spike tires will equal to the weight im looking for to throw around if say i had a skinner tow truck driving around doing its thing haha.

Its old like years old now.

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Who knows maybe it can be the countdown ball for the new year to come haha. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,… 321 hahaha btw the stain in the book is orange juice or something spilled on it i have no idea how it got there. Most likely i blame the wife. But yeah any timer can be put in i just figured it would be more deadly in 10 seconds but slow vehicles are going to suffer a bit so maybe a longer timer would do the trick for the big slow guys. Maybe the ball can be shot at to slow it down or get it away from your cover location a bit but you really gotta shoot that thing like it’s ur last life haha.

I’ve changed my mind on how I would like it to work. I want the giant spikey ball to be attached to a launching device. The spikey ball is also connected to the launching device by a big long chain with a winch.

So I can fire the giant ball, and then reel it in. Or just drive around and and flail the ball in to people. I would very much like to be able to control the reel in as well by holding and releasing the same button I use to fire it with.

Just a big ol Morningstar the size of a growl cab with a winch basically.

Pinball launcher of doom!

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I like that but maybe that could be another weapon? Thats definitely a fishing type deal maybe we could use an anchor that slows you down and reel it in type deal and it has a way to latch on type deal? And it zapps you to malfunction the vehicle maybe idk. Seems like you should use an anchor for that idea hahahaha. The titanic would be proud.

I was thinking like i said. Spinns so its melee. 2 it launches out does contact damage depending on how it hit that player and has a 10 second timer or if you want to blow it up early you can then the fire pin is also a weapon would be dope so its like a 4 hit combo relic. Quadruple whammys are the coolest. Maybe then the clans won’t complain about it being weak sauce hahaha. Has a digital screen on it that shows the Rpm and the time till detonation. Just a complete mess if you are close to it. Just vaporizes someone within like 5 meters of it and it does contact damage to others after it explodes.

ive actually suggested something similar to this before the “junk ball” it launches out a giant ball of metal, steel wire, razor wire and mangled bits together in a ball, you can trigger the weapon again to detonate it, the closer to the point of detonation the more damage they will take.
sadly i didnt get to much attention on it…

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Well maybe you did not draw it? Its hard for them to understand with just words but if you reccomended something like that then they take notes on what requests we do and majority’s votes win unless the devs see something worthy of high interest. Well im glad you said something because its just one more yes for all of us in the end of things to get the ball rolling haha.