Give attention to some neglected parts

People usually like to start off with stronger parts, when they get wiped out by parts that restrain them or stronger parts they think those are weaker or the ones their opponents are using are strong, with the balance tweaks just now I saw that bigram has been strengthened, I guess there were quite a few offers to strengthen it, yes it’s weaker than hover but it’s still stronger than a lot of epic movers, I think the parts people offer to strengthen are often not the weakest, and the really weakest items no one is asking for

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I believe in many cases harvester are not powerful, it’s just that they are good against hover and still need lightning to go with them, they need some changes like dialing back durability and also bringing down their special abilities and increasing base damage, low ps they are extinct, try increasing their abilities at low ps and then make them at high ps with other non support weapons other than lightning

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Pulsars, they get nerfed too much, the damage is too low, they shouldn’t need to be faster but high damage, I would prefer them to be slow like the original but higher damage as a featured weapon, the same goes for quasars, pulsars need more damage, if not tone it down also need to increase the damage of pulsars, maybe 10%

Quasars are fine how they are, I play them all the time. The reload perk is great. If there’s really something wrong with them it’s their size and shape lol…

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Yes it’s ability is fine, I was thinking of adding some damage compensation if it makes its shells slower

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They already move really slow (easy to dodge), it would be better to speed them up than raise the damage and slow them more.

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You can try using elephants

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Elephants are nice but they are sloppy with projectile drop and way over priced. I’m not trying to replace my quasars btw the few things I mention would help them from my experience playing them so often.

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I really wish they would no longer touch the bullet traveling speed of the Quasar, it’s getting a bit tiring to having to relearn shooting with them every time it happens, and the slower speed makes it possible to perform lucky trick shots with them

But for really neglected parts, I’d say TOW, rocket turret, possibly rocket flying drone but I’ve seen it work much better than the rocket turret ever has, and Fafnir is not that great, but I am kind of happy it is not


Changing the tow is a problem, probably the existing situation is good because trying to manipulate the missile through the screen means not being able to see the carrier itself, without complicating the problem only one of the two can be satisfied, if the latter is satisfied it will change the characteristics of the weapon, but to give the player more gameplay it would allow the player to switch the weapon to another mode, this mode is similar to pyre, when the player locks on to the target the missile will automatically track, so the player does not need to give up his own control in order to manipulate the missile, also he can carry more than one

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The n°1 unused item has to be Enlightenment. And it could be useful, but no attempt whatsoever has ever been made shrugs

I’d say start by increasing the duration of the thing, so that taking it out becomes important


I wish to see SPITFIRE again, restored to it’s former glory.
And a legendary version of the SPITFIRE.

As a SG main i feel the ride ends at Gremlins, i don’t like thunderbolts and i’m prepared to sell my hammerfalls if i don’t like them.
(i shouldn’t have this mindset but thunderbolts were a big disappointment).

I think the Owl could use a little work. Either by making it’s firing cycle just a bit faster or by making it’s missile more maneuverable, one of those two would be nice.

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quasars can easily mvp matches with harpy /catalina

i never see pulsars, probably because they have an even bigger hitbox, slower projectile and less damage and reload much slower

Agreed. It should last 30 seconds once attached. Or a full minute.

The hitbox is bigger? I’m sure they’re shorter at least, maybe they’re wider… The damage of Pulsar is sliiiightly higher, but something like 2%… with the difference in reload, Quasar probably has more DPS.

IMO Pulsar should get 0.5s shorter reload so it can make use of all that ammo.

I’m not sure this is true.

We have made many threads on this forum that list items that people think are the weakest in the game.

Many of these items have been listed over and over again for “years” and the requests are ignored.

I would say a large portion of the forum users have been here a long time, and at some point we get sick of asking and talking about the same things over and over.

I tried it out and it felt like it had a normal ability, one suggestion, give the single shot shotgun a melee resistance to avoid getting knocked off