Give engines better perks and make wheels unique again

I would love if the dev team gave the engines better perks and or reinstate the old perks cuz the perks they have now aren’t too great, would love if engines not only gave speed boost in general and for specific movement parts. and also make it so each engine has better power depending on what type of build it suits like an engine good for heavy build be able to have more starting power, but hope that makes sense, also for the wheels, I liked when they all behaved different period, not all classes behaving differently then others like the lunar wheels were perfect for sandy maps and dirt but slide around on cement/roadways and how normal wheel builds slowed down on the sand maps etc

Let wheels go 120km


Honestly I love the fact engines now give mobility perks instead of weird damage buffs. I think the game could use a couple new epic engines tho, things are getting stale there.

Maybe a heavy one that gets a +10-15% stack every second when immobile, up to 3 max? Something that would give heavy builds the accel they never had, without breaking hovers lol.


They do. The speed nerfs on cabins prevent all but a few builds from reaching those speeds.

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I like the new perks. I’ve found uses for all of them. More engines would be nice though. I’d love something faster than Cheetah, and also think an electric engine would be cool (could give hover-like acceleration to ground builds). Maybe a monster truck engine that buffs the acceleration of Bigfoots?

That’s the best new part idea that I’ve heard in a while. It seems obvious now that you mention it, and I will look forward to seeing it, because now it will always seem awkward that we don’t have this. Every battle pass that goes by without presenting one will seem like a missed opportunity to do something cool.

I’d like to see a steam engine too, but I realize they’d have to pour a lot of sci-fi on that to make it work in this game, but that would be fine by me. The electric engine seems like a must-have thing to me, though.
Maybe, a turbine engine too?

I don’t care to see any more guns or melee. I think they’ve milked that pretty hard, but more engines would be nice. The “Engineers” don’t even have one on their bench, do they? They should have several, IMO.

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dont go to fast, or crossout will explode your car

The engine perks we have now are actually pretty good now.
I love the Oppressor’s perk, literally couldn’t play CW without it. I just wish there was a Flywheel alternative with the Opressor’s original perk (move faster to reload faster)
Colosus has a very high utility for making heavy bulds even tankier and harder to immobilize, it’s just a shame that it works with hovers.
Golden Eagle is now also useful since they added the reload modules.
Cheetah’s perk is also very useful for a lot of things.
Hot Red’s perk is okay I guess, given that it’s a 0 energy engine.

Wheels are okay, it’s the slowed down cabins that are the issue here. Altough I sure wish we could drift more on PC. Sure, it would be nice if wheels had their old surface interactions, but there’s plenty more issues I’d rather have the devs work on.

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I like the new colossus perk. It’s just all around good.

The new oppressor perk is ok(not bad, not great, it has its place).

I do not like the new redhot perk however. Then again I don’t play wheels really ever lately.

Red hot perk has been amazing for my small sports car builds. Fast reverse can really help compete against the small tracks, omni, and hover builds.
My buggy wheel thresher harpy build depends on that reverse speed boost. It lets me buff my Seals in reverse, so I can pound rushers while keeping some distance.