Giving premium days while issues still a thing?

i was sure. you give us premium days while disconnecting issues keep happening.
that typical. why doing this? why giving a gift we simply CAN’T use?
what is wrong with your common sense?


lol said the same in game chat

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they simply do not have common sense… that is if they changed something… because now when the game stops responding, the site also stops responding to report errors… in any case, report something in vain, since the response of these people is not a bug…
in the meantime :


08:56:00.199 NET| TargemService::WebApiRequest(8):
08:56:08.353 NET| TargemService::WebApiRequest(8): finished with e = ErrorCode::OK (status 200)
08:56:17.294 NET| CachingFileDownloader: LazyInit
08:56:17.297 NET| CachingFileDownloader: Cache::Load() complete, 2 in cache (dropped 6 stale entries)
08:56:17.297 NET| CachingFileDownloader: Fetch(‘’)
08:56:17.297 NET| CachingFileDownloader: new request for ‘’ (idx: 0)
08:56:18.998 NET| CachingFileDownloader: HandleHTTPResponse for ‘’ (idx: 0)
08:56:18.998 NET| CachingFileDownloader: AddEntry(‘’)
08:56:18.999 NET| CachingFileDownloader: HandleHTTPResponse returns contents of ‘C:/Users/LocalStrike/AppData/Local/Targem/Crossout/cache/1664538997990’
08:56:48.390 NET| CL_SOContainer::ReplicaHandler: got PARTIAL(2) replica of live:so:RichPresence:10528341@cabin-lw-nl-13/auth_3 (~47b)
08:57:24.096 NET| TargemService: OnPeerDisconnected ‘live|cabin-lw-nl-13/[email protected]:3802(out,st=4)’, outbound: no
08:57:24.096 NET| TargemService: link.dcReasonIn: ‘ErrorCode::CONNECTION_LOST’, link.dcReasonOut: ‘ErrorCode::UNKNOWN’, current m_disconnectionError is ‘ErrorCode::OK’
08:57:24.098 NET| ProtoServer::OnPeerDisconnected: live|cabin-lw-nl-13/[email protected]:3802(out,st=6), ErrorCode::CONNECTION_LOST
08:57:24.098 NET| TSConnectionManager::ChangeState: ONLINE → DISCONNECTING
08:57:24.098 NET| TSAuthManager::ChangeState: ONLINE → OFFLINE
08:57:24.098 NET| chat: Disconnect() requested
08:57:24.098 NET| chat: OnDisconnect()
08:57:24.098 NET| ProtoServer::Disconnect: live|cabin-lw-nl-17/[email protected]:3811(out,st=5), ErrorCode::DISCONNECT_CLIENT_QUIT
08:57:24.098 NET| TSConnectionManager::ChangeState: DISCONNECTING → OFFLINE

Yup, I was like what an asinine thing to try to please people to give, oh yeah let’s give something you need to log in and play but people still can’t login and play properly, I also called it, that they’d give us premium …

All those wheel errors have been happening for months now, yet all they said it was not on our end but on yours to us for months, yet now when the :poop: hit the fan it’s a DDOS attack. So they’re saying they were being DDOS for months now as this has been going on with the same problems/errors/issues but now it’s not on our end!
I’m still on the fence with this DDOS and still incline they neglected their game/servers in order to focus on milking us out of our money!

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That’s pretty goofy. I’m surprised it’s still going on, and why it stops at night, or why it’s so hard to locate and disconnect the bad actor. I really don’t know how a DDoS attack works, I guess (beyond the basic idea). Maybe they don’t either. IDK. They seem pretty helpless. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a DDoS attack go on for this long before.

3 days premium probably isn’t going to cover it, is it? That’s a pretty lame CK offering too, IMO, but at least it’s something, I guess…I don’t want it. It’s the same old pack they always bust out when they have “Issues.” Most of those weapons I can’t even use because the power-score is so low. The matchmaker always just spins for hours if I built anything at that power-score. What am I going to use with a CK for Chords? The hell if I even want a Wasp. Even if they included the hardware these CKs go on, I would just sell them or scrap them because they are useless to me unless I was under level 30 Engineers. Because it’s the same free-bee they give out every time they have “issues” I’ve already got several of them. 20 coins is good for…? If they knew anything about marketing they could have used this as an opportunity to get people like me (who won’t use them or pursue them) to experience Crosscrowns by offering those instead. Then we could actually get cool CKs, and maybe one that was useful. As it is, this free CK is another insulting Christmas fruit cake offering I will sit next to all my fruit cake offering stabilizers, not use, and occasionally view with contempt for cluttering my inventory with so much useless garbage.

What’s with these guys? Maybe if I go have my coffee I can change my attitude. I should never post before morning coffee has been achieved. I know better, but did it anyway.


this why i just rant today. i woke up, logged into crossout, was disconnected, then realised the gift… came here to post my rant, and its been years i didn’t chat in the forum.
reason = i forgot to drink my coffee first lol


Why are you surprised?

The war is still going on.
Cyber attacks on Russia will continue.
Massive cyber attacks have been reported all over Russia the last week not just our game.

If I had to guess I would say it’s going it get worse before it gets better.

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Probably true…and I’m going to just move away from that topic before I unload on that heaping pile of convoluted NWO BS.


I am to lazy to write in full, so just assume
HERE BE RANT 7B (XO is dying, everything is bad, part 1)

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I would honestly like to pay a firm to do a market analysis to see what the ip in whole is worth and buy this damn game from them because it deserves better, so does the community. Cyber attacks or not, no one will sway me from believing they funnel the majority of money to better other projects. Think about the attention and advertisement given to War Thunder. Go on YT, watch a short video on planes or anything to do with military weapons, and war thunder advertisements or sponsors the video.

You’re telling me there’s not a target demographic or audience for XO? Hardly believable in the slightest.

Point is, they’ve blame shifted and gas lit the community, failed to address issues with servers long before this, have broken the game on several occasions with bad updates. The game can’t handle special events and CW at the same time often. I understand this is a “beta” but if you’re going to keep the B squad in this project, stop poaching people’s money because it’s obvious it’s not going into a skilled coding group or think tank for the game…or server maintenance… Or cloud server security…

Imagine if it actually goes cross play, we’ll have the Tow missile impulse glitch but this time around with an Avalanche, and it’ll be unfixable.

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The genius underlying this game is unrivaled, IMO, except by perhaps Bethesda. I think both companies appear to have the same problem too; they were created by brilliant people with an amazing vision, but are now owned and operated by selfish alien 3rd parties who whose “creative vision” only extends to the tip of their tiny rigid penis. This is the way of the world, from what I’ve seen. Change it where you can.

Crossout has a small crew (about a hundred people, or so I hear), and I think they are sitting on a game that should be much more popular than it is, too. Obviously, they are struggling with a very hostile world (under direct and malicious attack as we speak), and they have no doubt made deals with the devil to survive, but they somehow repeatedly manage to produce one of the most beautiful and exciting games I’ve ever played…not that I play too many video games. I don’t. I find them almost entirely shallow and boring, but this one I like a lot.

I would love to see it prosper under better stewardship. The artists and technicians here at Crossout do deserve better, I certainly agree.


I was sure. you give us premium days while disconnecting issues keep happening.
that typical. why doing this? why give a gift we simply CAN’T use?
what is wrong with your common sense?

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I find it disrespectful that gaijin compensates before solving his problems with the game

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I presume if they could have fixed it they would have? In other words; this is the apparently the best they can do at the moment.

I’ve had my coffee.

To carry out a powerful DDoS attack, you need either what is usually called a “botnet” which for the most part is a large group of PCs of regular people like you and me whose PCs or other devices were infected with a virus. The virus can be there without you having any idea it’s there as there are usually no signs untill the maker of that virus decides to carry out a DDoS attack. Then devices from all over the world flood the victim with requests and slow down or crash the victims server(s). And since the sources of the attack are all over the place, there is no easy way to stop it.

The other option is to be a large government agency or some multinational corporation that has enough devices and other tools to carry out a DDoS attack all by itself.

Since the game servers in Netherlands seem to be targetted as well, it might be hackers this time, but it’s hard to speculate given the current situation in the world events.

Thanks for the insight.

I mean, I don’t know. But I don’t see how an attack on Gaijin would be a logical step in a cyber attack against Russia. I guess if Gaijin was the size of EA or Activision that there might be bilions of dollars at stake, but Gaijin is too small to be a lucrative target for that IMHO. Perhaps some hackers saw an opportunity to strike when other cyber attacks are going on in russia and they demand ransom from Gaijin and either they pay up, they find another way to stop the attacks, or they’ll simply hold on until the attackers get bored and stop.

EDIT: Turns out that despite being a Russian company, Gaijin actually resides in Hungary with offices in Germany and Cyprus as well. This makes an attack by hackers demanding ransom or seeking another goal much more likely than the situation having something to do with Russia.


The game played well on Sunday, and I completed the Scrap, the Wires and the Raids but failed on the Batteries.
The game continued to play well Monday and now Tuesday too.
But I dislike the time limit to use the gift.
Now, I will have to open it before Friday when I can use it more effectively.

I guess I miscounted, 3 days from now will be Friday, my bad.

Now, I have no complaints except lost Batteries, but Batteries are worthless.

I played online poker instead.

There is also this…

I’ve seen videos like the one in this article before, and other pictures along this line (Gaijin-specifically War Thunder- logos painted on military targets and equipment). Could be that War Thunder put themselves on the CIA schitlist a while ago.

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