Gj guys!

All your threads are just complaint threads. Aside from the one poony has runin. Y’all have put this forum in a sad state.

slow claps

Well the complaints about the lag are valid, but besides that people just like to complain, it’s the national past time of the world now

so you make a post to complain about people complaining…


Think about it…

  1. A player is happy, he keeps smiling and playing and doesn’t bother about voicing it out on some forum because everything is fine.
  2. A player is unhappy about something, he feels like he should voice it out and jumps onto a forum where that game’s community is.

Basically, that means you can only expect a game forum to be mostly - Hey I got a problem with this -


I was waiting for this response. This thread is more about bringing attention to how negative you’ve all proceeded to be.

Be better.

Nope. My other game forums I’m on aren’t like this at all.

Ps crossout reddit is far more positive overall. This forum is like. 90% complaining. That’s just pathetic.

You have been better lately, but I have seen you multiple times straight up attack people. You used to do it almost ever post you made for a long while.

Keep up the great work of being positive, be part of the solution.


Its funny - i play New World MMO where if you say I need some help, people dont mock you but you always get somebody that will take their time and help you. Yesterday i asked advice on beating an area and a guy took 45 mins to come and help me do it!!

I tried to voice the negativity here a while ago and all i got was “Welcome to the internet”. This is not how a forum has to be but how people choose it to be.

It would be good if you could actually help others (like i tried to do with making money) rather than just “Nurf a build i cannot kill (usually hovers)” or “the dev’s are bad”. Even the money making one was i make 10k per week, but no actual facts or how they did it in detail so others can also profit.


These are only two ways to make money in Crossout.

  1. Grind it - this includes doing anything that gets you resources - PvE and PvP included - CWs are the most profit for time spent.
  2. Market - flip items - simply buy low and sell high

I’m not going to include crafting above, because I personally believe that in most cases it is a losing investment. Crafters like to do crazy math to validate their mistakes and say things like “But resources are free” (I’ll leave that topic to rest here)

Besides that you will have to figure it out for yourself in your own platform. No one is going to sit down and write up a spread sheet of how they work the market… I don’t even do that for myself, it’s not needed.

SO… when you give people this information most of the time I get one of three responses

  1. I don’t want to play clan wars (then your going to be broke)
  2. I don’t want to spend hours playing the market (news flash, it don’t take hours. it takes a few min and a few time a day to change over items. If you can’t do that then your going to be broke)
  3. then the best one of all “Don’t lie you spend money” - well on this one you have to believe what you want to believe, I just think it is another excuse for not playing CWs or flipping the market. If you think the only way to make coins is to pay for them… then your going to be broke.

Most guys fail at making coins before they even try, because they will come up with every excuse in the book why it can not be done instead of just doing it.

Good enough?

Edit - here a few more things you hear from guys that can’t make coins.

“but I don’t want to play high PS”
“If it’s Meta I don’t play it”
“I crafted everything I own”
“I have to high of moral standard to play (insert weapon or build type here)

Guess what?Your going to be broke :slight_smile:

yeah cos you’re so sophisticated on reddit


You understand you’re just proving that reddit users have the same level of sophistication lmao

Sophistication has nothing to do with positive attitudes or being a cry hard.

But you choose to cry here though? why? how much attention do you crave in your miserable life, go stay on reddit then because no one will care either way

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Somehow, PvP games where you make a fantasy character, do quests and play it as an RPG, even if it is PvP focused (Guild Wars comes as an example) draw a different crowd than games where it is -This is your faceless thing you play, go in and kill people in short fast matches -… FPS games mainly. Which Crossout in it’s base is.

Those games offer a different feel to it. You want to connect with people and do things with them (No, not like that you dirty hamster )… Teaming up to help kill a giant bear in a cave threatening a nearby village, etc and doing it for 30+ minutes, creates a general dependable atmosphere.
But games like Crossout are more like someone hands you a gun and pushes you into a small room to shoot each other for a brief moment. Just doesen’t spark the same.

And that transfers to the forums.

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If I had to choose between “People complaining that a game is not doing what they want it to do” and “People complaining that other people are not doing what they want them to do” I’d say the latter is a bigger idiot

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They should just rename this website to the crossout complain forums.

Because all you do is whine, doesn’t mean that’s all everybody does.