'Gone in 60 seconds'

When the other team quits CC
lol they afraid of us . :crazy_face:
gg POPCreeper.

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Why in the world would you not use the other 800 PS. Youre 10% weaker than necessary.

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i never needed it,good point though thx
i should make a copy for cc and regular pvp,since the game stuck me in 8k when i was 7k with all my upgrades,i’m trying not to get into 9k.
but i can make a copy just for cc,thx

Good job! It’s the best praise one can get

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nah dude someone in ur clan was using anti lag cheat :joy: :joy: just messing with ya, on xbox some guy complains bout ppl r using anti lag or cornass cheats lol

Sometimes there is nothing to add, armour is also weight and I understand not wanting extra weight just for HP.

With 800, i feel like you could bump up a gene, a rarity of cooler/radiator, a keen radar, better wheels, change heavier parts for more expensive PS but better durability light parts, add a couple of nice bumpers that are lightweight like two punchers. I get not wanting to slow your cads acceleration by 15% for the sake of bloating HP, but theres gotta be something to add to get an advantage. i just view anything other than 8999 or 9000 PS a disadvantage when theres a hard PS cap

I mean it could be more complex than that, that’s all… My dual Cricket sits at 8600, I can’t add anything to it to make it closer to 9k even if I really wanted to. It was 8400 before I realised I could add at least something, I think I rearranged things and put another ammo pack and a radio in it.

Add decorations to the part limit or 9000 PS.