Good builds tested by time

What you have to show /recommend as a build that withstood the test of times, a old design that’s still good today.
a old design without meta stuff, that for some reason still can perform today.
Let’s see what you have in that dusty corner of your garage.
Art or full combat.

My builds stood the test of time but not nerfs.
Still works but barely.

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I’m sure my old build would do just fine

Lovushka Side

I had many versions

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What seems to be the problem?

care to share a few?

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I wish I had kept more old builds, but I am addicted to making new ones all the time.
I do have one old one that I kept around, but mostly because I managed to place 2nd in Clash Of the Engineers with it. Haven’t played it lately, but it might actually be stronger now because of the Cerebus buff. I’ll try to find a photo of it later.
Edit: here’s a not great photo of it

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Sure I have a lot of stuff saved



Spikes, later Toadfish

Dual Cricket

Triple Cricket

Triple Helios

5 Pyre

Old version of my pyres:





I also made some other joke type builds -



Sideways wasps



Astra got a 34% dps nerf.

This design has to be my longest lasting build. Changed cab and weapons multiple times, but that bumper and layout are the stuff dreams are made of. One wedge to rule them all, one wedge to find them, one wedge to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

My clanmates love it too, we sometimes collide when I go in and they go out or vice-versa. They usually drive over me without slowing down :joy:

To put into perspective just how wedgy and optimized that thing is, it only slightly lifts off the ground when you accelerate. Release the accel or brake, and you’re scraping the ground instantly. Perfection :triumph:


Ive replaced just about every build i have. I constsntly get bored so i rebuild and see if i can make something look better. Ill brb with pics of some rides i still have thst can work.

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