Good News: Removing Upgrades and Tradable Stabilizers

Removing the upgrades and tradable stabilizers

Hello, survivors!

During this weekend you’ll be able to remove upgrades from your parts, using a certain amount of stabilizers of the same rarity.

When you remove the upgrade from any part, it loses its upgrade bonuses, but it also becomes tradable. This way, you’ll be able to sell the parts that you’re not using anymore on the market.

For those players who don’t have enough stabilizers to remove upgrades, we will activate a temporary setting that allows everyone to sell and buy stabilizers on the market. But please note that this setting will only be active for the duration of this promotion.

This special is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

The special will be available from 12:00 GMT on June 9 until 05:00 GMT on June 12


Sweet, finally

ONE major problem though, too many stabilizers are needed per removal and there simply just is not that much in rotation.

There should also be a way to craft stabilizers during this event because simply put there are not enough of them to even be put into rotation.
Currently there are buy orders for
451 rare
276 special
476 epic
2582 legendary
Stabilizers, and 0 sellers. With the market corridors and simple amount of players who might have stabilizers sitting around in their inventory, simply put nobody is going to be able to buy any and make use of this event

You forgot relic stabilizers. For some reason they worth less than legendary ones.

Don’t worry, I’ll be putting a bunch of stabilizers on the market, and so will many others as soon as we’re allowed to.

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So few people even own relics not to mention being able to fuse them, vs how much people have access to legendaries in general

A lot of people wanting to make use of the event won’t most likely be able to due to the general lack of stabilizers, even if a bunch of people have saved up and sell them now

Yep, seems like it.

I don’t know about that. The last time we were able to sell stabilizers I got rid of a ton, and it seemed like others were flooding the market too.
Easy money!

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I sold all my stabilizers the last time they did this, I only got a few left, but will be selling those

Legendary stabs go for 110 coins each now. Oh boy, I’ve saved up some and gonna wait for another jump.

I have an upgraded Thresher which is:

  • Not tradable
  • Does not take storage space
  • Cannot be used for crafting

Will removing the upgrade make it tradable AND usable for crafting?

Good question. I hope to hear an answer. My guess is that logic will assume that removing an upgrade is a form of crafting (so, no?).

Man, PC market sounds horrible. If you can’t charge what you want for stabilzers, then why ever sell them? The unfree market makes the whole event pointless.

It sort of is. The profit margin sucks, and often what there is available, or desirable to buy, has whales gatekeeping it.