Good or Bad idea?

I was thinking that it would be cool that the packs that are for sale on the shop could be more enticing, How? Well how about if those packs would have fused or upgraded parts? If you ask me, I don’t really see the harm on it because we are already having fused events and honestly the parts that come on the packs are not really relevant lately it would be nice to have upgraded parts on the old packs. I don’t know. What do you guys think?

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No it would lower the value of the packs. You have to be aware lot of players just opt to buy a pack with parts that have a fair market value to cost and then sell them all off. Going the route your talking about would just increase the price of the actual pack and cut players out of the ability to sell parts from packs on the market. Beyond that the cabs in the packs are often unique as well as some of the weapons and movement parts. The market is only refilled by people doing the above selling on those pack exclusive items.


I’m with hamster on this. You fuse the packs parts, Gaijin’s sales go down.


I knew this was going to be the answer of people I already thought about it because if you see the packs often repeat parts like movement parts or cooling modules or reloading modules. Things that are easy craftable cheaply craftable eye for one wouldn’t mind not being able to sell a moving part or a module that has been upgraded. Then just buy a pack with the same movement parts that I can just craft for super cheap. I don’t know if I am communicating it correctly, but in my mind sounds good. Like their parts that get repeated parts that won’t break the game, have them upgraded. And if it’s a new weapon, obviously not there has to be a fine limit there has to be. I cannot be the only one who think that the packs the serve a little bit more. They’re not bad but at the point of this game they are outdated and it will be nice to have them the same packs but some parts to be upgraded like movement, parts or modules, cabins and weapons can stay the same original way, to be honest in a marketing standpoint that is more attractive. You can ask anyone

A number of packs have uncraftable items, some of them are completely unique to the pack they’re being sold with… I don’t know where you’re crafting reload modules, but they’re not in the faction workbenches.

I understand the marketing standpoint, Yes, we all have to eat. I understand we’ll have to make money but and this is a big but Read me out. It’s just for the repeated parts like movement, parts, modules, things that are easily craftable things that won’t break the game. The cabins and the weapons can stay neutral but movement parts, old modules, even old weapons till tear blue tear. Some of the old purple tier can be upgraded on the packs for the same price and I guarantee you it would only increase the sales. Why? Because you would say ah why am I going to waste $20 where I can craft it or I can say oh I’m going to spend $20 because this thing has the stuff I want but upgraded. If you think about it with a cool head, the long run and with the economy, this little changes will make players fall in love again

It would still be a net reduction in value for those that decide to sell everything. Lower tier stuff that isn’t sold off, often becomes crafting material as well. You can’t craft with upgraded items and it’s costly to remove upgrades.

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Make sense but, how about packs with instead of coins, you get updated parts? After all if i purchase something it was my decision, if i lost sale value BUT! at the end it is on me. I don’t know. I feel like there could be a happy medium

They probably still would raise the price as many of the packs don’t come with an absorbent amount of coins. Take a look at: Packs | Crossout DB - Crossout Market and Crafting Calculator this gives a coin based break down as to what is in each pack.

I also think your over estimating how many players would really find it useful. Taking into account fusing low rarity items isn’t generally that helpful as many of the bonuses are percentage based and when the stats are low the bonus is relationally also low.

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I guess if devs. Hasn’t done it it’s probably because of what you are saying. When it comes into opinion of other player i DON’T care a bit. Why? Look at all the players that are crying and saying that this game is bad when it’s actually one of the greatest games ever made and number two. Look at the people who say that relics are a pay to win when in reality. If you know how to build right you can take down any relic and number three. I don’t go by hype because look at everyone with the Catalina cabin I’ve had that. Kevin four times now and I sell them all the time because with the so much power that is in the field having to wait 2 minutes or a minute and a half to take the fully advantage of the cabin to me does not add up to me. The cabin is way below than the ghost cabin. Hell the ghost cabin now is awesome so that’s why I don’t take people’s opinion into consideration. But like I said, if the developers have not implemented, it must be for some reason

You are putting the kart in the front of the oxen.

First, It would be nice if the “packs” would be more combat oriented, a premium car or truck.
You buy, you fight with them.

Not just this you buy you sell it for parts BS.

Then what you wrote.

I sincerely don’t get this packs thing.


Sometimes i get the impression that the missions, the pve and CW are mini games inside the main game which is Stock exchange.
the rest is just for show.

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I would have paid $60 bucks for the pack with the hanging lanterns, except they were BTA. Since I couldn’t sell them for coin when I got tired of them, Gaijin did not get that money, that decor item was the only thing in the pack I wanted. But since the decor items I wanted were account bound, Gaijin lost a sale to me.

I am sure others look at the bind to account stuff and make a hard NO.

You can re-purchase a pack you have already bought using crosscrowns through the in game store. This allows the buying of multiples of the same pack. Many of these packs convert to thousands of coin. This is a big money maker for Gaijen.

GAWD, I hate BTA items. That’s the main reason my tanks don’t look as good as they can (and my avalanche copters don’t completely win phycological warfare, I need the air raid horn).