Good vs Bad

The difference of good vs bad players is…
Good players have patience and just react, Bad players make plans and stick to them.


glove slap, shut your big yap! glove slap, baby glove slap!

oh wait… xD

Yeah, ive seen that alot. A bad player might be the last one left with no guns and decides to just run around the whole map wasting the time of everyone in the lobby

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If ur reacting to ur enemy uve already lost. Thats why slow tanky builds always need to be buffed in arbitrary bs ways to be viable. Mobility & being proactive with a plan is king.

I never have a plan. Winging it since 2018 :muscle:

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Good players are thinking about so many variables at once all the time that you really can’t be bothered to explain it all to people who don’t understand


In CWs, ill pay attention to the radar and call out number advantages to get the team moving if im drawing multiple aggro. But beyond just relaying information and calling out good times for my teammates to push heavy, i basically do what xo_guy is saying and pay attention to the dozens of variables that are so in flux that reading and reacting are all you can/should do. Only when i see the enemy play their hand or make a mistake do i call out specific maneuvers when im in the heat of battle (which often times is literally just movement and positioning, not necessarily putting lead down range). Plans are good for dog teams, hover kite teams, helios/mastodon teams, and some others. But when the enemy is one Scorp, one dog, 2 punishers? The plan is either read and react or take base.

Tl;dr: Reading and reacting can be its own plan. Impromptu keeps you flexible.