Gooddbye Master Jack

So all of my builds were based on the Master Jack co-driver with the bonus to mass limit… turns out with the update I log into all of my builds being absolutely trash now. Time to spend absolutely ages changing builds I had already spent a lot of time and thought on!

Couldn’t they have just made one of the new co-drivers able to replicate what Master Jack co-driver did?

just grizzly +3% mass limit

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Yeah, it does not take long to fix them and use grizzly if you need more weight.

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yeah i used the one with the generator mass limit instead of master jack. i didnt have many of my co drivers maxed out due to me not being able to afford the costs of level 15. but grizzly has the 3% mass bonus on him. its not much but its something.
also jay seems to be not working atm either. her -20% to ammo crates doesnt apply to cars at all. they need to look into it >_>

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Oh boohoo, creative vehicilar construction game encourages players to change their builds once in a while… How cruel, are you gonna cry now?


I agree with you, BUT could have you said that in a more douchie way? You didn’t even toss in a “Git Good” or “Noob” anywhere.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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What I mean is, stagnation isn’t good for a game, especially for Crossout. There are bound to be changes, the game must challenge the builders to adjust to the changes and use the new stuff wisely.
Yet there are so many people whining about good and healthy updates. Like that one where all construction parts were made to have the same mass/hp ratios depending on the faction they belong to. Yeah, that made some builds 20-50kg over- or underweight, but I’ve seen so many tears over this change. Is almost seems like people build/download a couple of crafts and expect them to last for years without improving them.

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i have builds that ive had for a long time, making small improvements by testing out different weapons and saving them if it works out. i want to avoid completely reworking my builds as i built them from scratch. its just convenience for me. i just dont want all my hard work to be undone by some changes in my case. i mostly do raids and my builds hold up just fine in raids. if i have to change them in anyway, armor wise, then itll impact how well my vehicle does or how much damage i can take. i want to be useful to my team, not fall apart in 5 seconds.

If you use grizzly there’s not much of a difference in the end. 500 less mass is like what? 250hp at best? That’s not much.

Grizzly gives 3% mass and then 5% durability. So let’s do math.

Say your build is 2,000hp. Now your down to 1,750 after losing 500 mass. Then add 3% mass back on. Let’s call this a light build, but let’s average out its mass between having no fusions or engine to having a mass fusion and an engine, so let’s break it even at 10k mass. So 3% more from the perk gives you 10,300. So you get 150hp back and now your up to 1,900hp. Now add on 5% durability for a total of 1,995hp. So u lose like 5hp. * gasps *.

I don’t see a huge issue here. People don’t need to use master jack as a crutch for tonnage in low powerscore. That’s bs. It gave tonnage too right? So if your actually using purple light cabs and up to their max mass potential grizzly gives equal or more hp than master jack.

There’s only like five cabs that actually take a hit from this. And three of those are white cabs…

With these dammage buffs accross the board on all the codrivers it promotes players to max out mass on cabins more, as it is now easier to smash opponents otherwise. I think it’s a great change. It pushes people to use a cabs potential more.

Love that MJ is gone, seeing a lot of different builds now YAY!



I have to make some small or larger adjustments here and there but i dont care, the only reason i ever used master jack was because it was a universal driver that benefitted most builds, since in Clan Wars we could not get the driver we wanted for our 3 seperate choices, it was one or nothing.

I always felt it was limiting my builds potential and the things i wanted to do with it.

We better be able to change driver properly in CW now, there is no more excuse.

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