Granade launchers can shoot thru ur bullets and still hit you?

been quiet about this for along time.
whats up with impulse?

and why do they shoot all the time? 'no over heating cool down time ?
every time i encountered them it’s the same thing.
no cool down,they shoot thru your shots and kill ur guns n u.and you cant shoot their guns…

i give up until you fixed this bs…balance? pffft up yours xo :crazy_face:

If Impulse doesn’t overheat anymore, I feel like I should buy some again.
But do you mean they literally don’t overheat, or just that they are able to degun you before they overheat?

they dont degun all my guns,but they seem not to over heat.

'Prob is,they seem to absorb my bullets and still hit me,why can’t i shoot a grenade? i can shoot missiles and nest and them stupid little cling on missiles.and other stuff.
'and i do own two of them. they collect dust for some odd reason.

I might be wrong, but I thought we could only shoot down homing missiles?
Can we actually shoot down cricket volleys?

yes u should be able to.

It would be nice to be able to shoot at reatcher spam too.

The only projectile you can shoot are homing missiles, forts/porcs/yongwang nades. Always has been.

Impulses were always extremely strong, but XO players can’t do crap when they get any projectile drop, so they begged to get them buffed.
Still not 1/4 as cancerous as the Cerberus Mauler Tormentor bullshit that is currently popular tho. Driving through you like a 8s tempura car, great.

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I feel like phoenix bolts as well suffer from being able to be shot out of the air
Also I think that cannon shots can cancel each other out if they collide in the air, at least back in the past at some point they did

At least feels like it when playing phoenix. Feels like the hitbox of the bullet is too big, like even if you shoot one underneath a cyclone or a shotgun where by all means of logic the barrel of the gun can not reach and the bullets coming out should not be able to shoot it off, it still gets shot off

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Some weapon projectiles are much bigger than their visual model. Phoenix bolts are a prime example.
On the bright side, it compensates for bad aim and projectile drop, because a near miss can still count as a hit. But it also means that allies and obstacles can block your shot, even when it looks like you have a clear path.

I remember testing Corvos the first time I got some, and you could do damage even when missing your target by a meter.

Over the past few years, the devs have made some projectiles (like Scorpions) much smaller, to better allow for precision targeting and penetration.