Grand canyons battle map

I said this request before but maybe my artwork might fit the bill?

quick drew B side but pretty much like the A base but has a cave inside the canyon to cool off from bullets and fire as you climb down the road leading to the river filled with rocks and discarded items from tourists back in the day because this used to be a spot of beauty. Now its just a big cliffhanger for some survivors willing to fight in and on the canyons of the lost. The caves are filled with cave stuff and you can pretty much park anything in it but it does have a good place to hide from outside invasions and gunfire from the other side. The route in yellow is the path big giant rocks block alot up on the edges of the trails sides to help as you travel downhill also there’s jumps on the top part of the canyon and on the trails going down. The river bed is very dry but its used to it. Rocks and debris are at the bottom . Most battles are on the cliffside and in the river bed below but some long range fire does seem to play a big part up on the flat top part of the canyon in this A to B map idea. Hope you like it.

Grand Canyon type map wouldn’t fit with the game theme being in Eurasia/Europe/Asian theme, but a mining quarry type canyon/gorge would


I did not know there’s a theme just figured anywhere and everywhere is nice.

Yup, most of the maps are Russian inspired places, you can even tell by the names like Naukograd that one with the dome and tower in the center, then Shinto city is Asian themed so yeah I doubt they’d take any inspiritaion from the America’s

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The whole world of Crossout is not anywhere near the good old USA.

I would guess while they are fighting it out, the Americans are sitting back drinking a beer and watching it on TV.