Graphic update causing motion sickness

Thanks for screwing up the entire game for me with this stupid graphic update. Already played around with the settings, nothing really helps.

This graphic update is causing serious issues to me.
it cause discomfort , dizziness , headache and causes sickness to make me puke/vomit
I can’t play longer than a few minutes. On wheels i need a break after 2-3 minutes, on hovers i can’t withstand one single minute forcing me to leave the running match.

I never had any issues with dissortion, sickness, dizziness,discomfort or sickness, in any game i played and i played some really wild and fast ones… no clue what the devs did here…

Thanks for screwing up the entire game for me with your stupid idea of an stupid graphic update.

4k playtime ruined with an single graphical update…thanks for all, thanks for nothing…


not sure if ironic or if your serious, if your serious please go see a doctor these are not normal symptoms of any video game unless your playing in VR

It’s serious, i’m total serious so serious that i would like to rage and curse on the entire dev team…
As already mentioned i never had any problems with this, i’ve played games that were more fast and more wild and nothing no symptoms.

And actually these are symtomps that can appear in some video games, depending on the graphical effects , speed and other factors.

There is even a medical word for it.


If your getting epilepsy from the game, it would be better to inform your doctor so that they can document it, making the effort to have something done about it easier.

No not getting epilepsy from it, just getting motion sickness from it. If i would get epilepsy from the game, i wouldn’t hjad the time to write here… cause i would already lay up on my floor and my entire body would be shaking till i die cause noone is here who could help me.

" Motion sickness while playing video games affects many people. It’s a taboo topic among gamers because you might not be seen as hardcore if you can’t play certain things. But, getting motion sickness from playing games is not something to ignore. It causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating, and excessive production of saliva. Here’s what you need to know about the ailment and what you can do to prevent it.

What Is Motion Sickness?

Motion sickness caused by video games is sometimes called simulator sickness (it was first identified during the use of flight simulators). It is caused when there is a disconnect between what your eyes see and what your body feels. The same experience can happen any time you think you’re moving when you’re really not. For example, if you’re in a parked car when the car next to you starts to back up, you might think you’re moving when you’re not, and it can trigger a sick feeling in your gut.

The most common theory about why you get sick is that your body thinks you’ve been poisoned and you hallucinate the movement you see but are not feeling. This causes you to get nauseated and—if you don’t stop playing right away—vomit in order to flush the toxins from your body.

How Do Games Cause It?

Not all games cause motion sickness, but certain games do. Some games have a low field of view that makes you feel like you’re falling or too low to the ground. But, in most cases, it comes down to camera movement and having something on which to focus your eyes.

No single motion sickness standard can be applied to all people. Where one person might get sick from a game like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, someone else might be able to tackle any 3D experience without even slight dizziness.

Some things that happen in video games are more likely to cause sickness. One of the biggest contributors to video game motion sickness are games that have two types of movement going on at once. This is often the case with third-person and first-person shooters.

For example, a head bob (as you walk, your view slightly bobs up and down) and a weapon bob (your weapon moves up and down) paired together can easily cause motion sickness for some people. When there’s only one movement—a head bob or a weapon bob, but not both—there might not be any signs of motion sickness.

If you can focus on something stationary, like the on-screen gun or the wall in front of you, you might notice a reduction or elimination of motion sickness. When everything is moving at different speeds and you can’t hold your focus on one thing, that might be when motion sickness creeps in.

Here are some games that might cause motion sickness, and why:

  • Call of Duty has a head bob.
  • Halo has a gun bob.
  • BioShock has a gun bob.
  • Gears of War has a camera that follows you around in a sort of realistic way, so while the camera bobs on its own, Marcus’ head bobs, too.

Other games can make you sick from just watching. You don’t need to be involved in the gameplay. These are usually games with player-controlled cameras. When you watch someone else play and the camera doesn’t react and move the way your head thinks it should, you may feel motion sickness."


Epileptic seizures don’t always end in a Grand Mal

That’s a Grand Mal.
Epilepsy has many levels of strength.

huh weird, I have literally never felt motion sick from playing a non vr game, and i mean, i play ALLOT and i mean ALLOT of different types of games. anyway I’m not getting motion sick from the new graphics, maybe your having a framerate issue or something that is specific to your pc? low fov monitor 10 x 9 ratio etc? idk just throwing out possibilities of what could be causing it

Like i told i never had any motion sickness from ANY GAME i played, and i played some really wild and fast ones. (Not even from VR)

Crossout in specific after the graphical update is the first one where i ever experienced this sort of motion sickness.
I’ve already played around with the graphic settings, but nothing really helped.

hmm, there’s a “Dynamic Camera” option that can be turned off. when on, it makes the camera sway left to right. try turning it off in the camera settings.


gonna try if this helps or not, i can only hope…

have you changes the game settings to all of the controls and fancy “bind your camera to your mouse” is disabled? not allot of people like the new control setup and prefer the old way of just, turning and strafing, maybe the new controls are messing with your head, if your used to using wasd and qe to move your vehicle around, the new control might be causing motion sickness, pressing a key to move one direction and then not moving where you think you want to move? or something idk

(set it up the same way i have it here, also not that, if you used to use reverse mode, is has been renamed to reverse rotation inversion)

@ObsidianFang Turning off dynamic camera , reduced the issue with motion sickness, but it didn’t eleminate it. Still getting motion sickness but it takes a bit longer now.
Before i could play for hours even an entire day without any problems…
Now i need a break after 5-10 minutes before i can even dare to keep continue playing.

@Quantum_Rage it was the first thing i did after opening Crossout before i even started a match.Reverted all the stuff to the old settings including the view distance.

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Hello. I just wanted to add in my experiences with other titles in the past.

Sadly, I am unable to test the new update at the minute so unfortunately, I can’t really comment directly.

but I have read this, focusing specifically on motion blur:

We are Introducing the «Supercharged» update for Crossout and new features of the Targem Engine 2.0: calculation of Global Illumination, contact shadow effects (SSCS), Screen Space Local Reflections as well as Bloom, Lense Flare and Motion blur!

The Motion Blur effect (motion blur) is designed to make the scene more dynamic and make the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable. We have carefully calibrated the effect to add cinematography and convey the feeling of speed in the best way, while not overshadowing the gaming experience in battles. You can independently adjust the blur intensity in the graphics settings.

From my past gaming experience, one setting I always completely disable is motion blur, simply because

it causes me to experience motion sickness at varying levels depending on the level of immersion into the game play,

and the size/quality/distance from the screen I use. (Currently 55" Samsung 4k wall mounted at 6ft viewing distance)

Are the games new motion blur settings able to be fully turned off? Just a thought from my own past experiences.

I have never experienced motion sickness from any other settings.

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Yeah it’s able to turn it fully off. But it didn’t made any diffrence for me plus i never had any issues with motion blur in any other games i played so far.

Oh , ure so right…the new graphics are worse . I feel disorientated … its far too much “bling bling” and looks like the hole dev team took to much drugs. I am too old for this kiddy style. Besides, all, and i mean it ALL other changes are superfluous. No fun no more… i even cant see where i am aiming, with all the highly inflated Explosions…its time to say goodbye to crossout…the game lost its unique character.

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@ Restlessheart I just tried the new update and I’m experiencing the same thing. In the past at times I’ve played this game for over 6 hours straight with no issues, now I can’t last longer than like 10 minutes. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, I’ve never experienced motion sickness caused by a game before, so it didn’t occur to me that it could be that, but as soon as I stopped playing, I started to feel better. Someone mentioned a setting called Dynamic Camera, any idea where that is, I looked and either I’m blind or just stupid, lol, but I can’t find it.

I watched the devs stream yesterday and they mentioned that the camera FOV that changes while you more faster or slower can not be disabled, I’m wondering if that is what is causing my motion sickness, maybe yours as well. Never had any issues before with any other game, it’s sad that I probably won’t be able to play this game anymore, because it was really fun playing with friends.

Devs, personally, the new graphics and effects look nice, but the camera changes, are not, what good is good graphics if we can’t enjoy the game.

Those experiencing motion sickness might want to play with the camera angle settings.
And as others have said, you can turn off the other visual effects things in the settings.
If you’ve turned off the effects and moved the camera angle back, I have no idea what could be causing this for you.

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no problem:
Settings → Interface → Floating camera (off)

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@52155762 Have you tried using any of the motion sickness bands (bracelets) a few of my friends have issues with motion sickness and they seem to work for them.

Well for me at least, I think it was the Floating camera option that affected me. After turning it off and restarting the game to make sure the settings stuck, I felt a lot better. This was already after turning Motion blur Off and setting the Camera distance to 1.0.

One of my friends said that it was affecting him in a different way and turning off all of the new graphics options helped make it easier for him to play. Said it feels like to much is going on and his eyes/brain have trouble processing it all, feels like it’s looking through a fish eye lens. I haven’t messed with those settings yet, but I think I might.

The fun parts of this game for me was not for the graphics quality, but for the gameplay to just blow stuff up with friends. Feels like the devs are trying to do to much at once or fix a problem that isn’t a problem. At least I can turn off some settings to be able to play the game with my friends again.

If anyone is having issue playing, I suggest turning off all of the settings I’ve mentioned and start from a bare minimum to see how it affects you. If that doesn’t work, there are plenty of other games out there to play. :slight_smile:

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