Gravastar still good?

Hi all! I was wondering about buying 2/3 gravastars but i was asking myself if they are still good as they were in the last patch! What are your thoughts about it??

They are indeed still good.

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would you use them together with photon cabin to boost the damage to heated parts or maybe use some light,high speed cabin?

Only photon.

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I tried them on a Kami, and it wasn’t bad, but Photon is how you get that really devastating DPS.
However, Kami’s perk cancels the overheat of the guns, which is kind of handy if your guns are getting shot off too easily.

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I should probably pair them with 2 or 4 claws to get as much damage as i can because i’ve tried them with only photon and damage doesn’t seem so much, i dunno…

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I’m like you.
Yes i will mount in my Photon…eventually. That’s why i unlocked Yuki.
But first they will go to my main build ( Machinist cab), Since my Gremlins didn’t received no TLC from the Devs until now .
I’m expecting lots i just hope they will work with it.
I’m also replacing the cheetah for a Dunhorse for space.
triple shiver + triple gravastars + dunhorse
I don’t know if it will be a good idea…we will see

@ thelord95
Thanks for give me right information.

Yeah claws on photon is def the way to go.

Yeah it’s pretty good, but do keep in mind that also very easy to shoot off , I’d say easier than most shotguns because it heats itself for you and shows exactly where to aim, but if someone with a very nimble build and good steering skills uses it, it’ll ruin a lot of days

They seem to work best when you build like a dog, with the guns boxes in up front.
I don’t like that look, and I also don’t like restricting my firing angles that much, but it does seem to be the best way to keep your guns attached.

I didn’t like the Photon cabin because the speed is 70 kph, too low for bedlam where I spend the most time. Instead I use a Quantum (80 kph) with a cheetah, 6 claws, 3 gravastars upgraded for overheating, 2 upgraded rn-seals, and a shiver. On the damage meter, I can pump out 7,722 points of damage with the gravs unheated, and 8,595 points when they’re preheated (even more when I let the claws charge up).