Great game, great experience. Haters gonna hate, I am gonna enjoy

Okay, my dudes, I just checked the extremely pessimistic topic titles in the list and wanted to share my excitement about the game. I have found a clan. We get to the Legend League and receive a lot of rewards. I also upgraded naguals, and now I am just at the seventh sky.

Have a great day, everyone!


Hello! I also like the game, and glad to see someone new posting some positivity!

Post some builds in the “Show Us Your Builds” thread, I love seeing what other people are driving.

Ignore all the pessimism on the board. It’s been like that for years, and probably always will be. Most people are just more motivated to post when they’re upset than when they’re satisfied, so that vibe gets over-represented here.

Also, I think some people have just burned out on the game. If you do anything long enough, it can start feeling like work.


Kudos to you for making this discovery.Food becomes delicious when one feels hungry,when we’ve been playing a game for a long time, we need to go do something else


Sure thing! Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

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You started playing on 2023.10.09. And you’re now at 1820 missions, 0 WC battles. It’s too soon to know the game well. But it would appear you’re playing a lot, so at this pace you should have completed 24 thousand PvP battles in one year. So maybe you’ll hit the 5000 mark a lot faster than most, and then you’ll be able to tell us more. But I’d also be interested to read your opinon on the game in October 2024, after you’ll have been able to experience the different ways those in charge of the game mismanage it.

But why did you create this post in the first place? Is your joy already waning? Happy people just play Crossout. Are you really happy? :wink:

(5000 missions played is what many consider the basic minimum for really playing the game, which is why I mnetioned this number. Of course it’s just a simplified approximation and the time they ‘get somewhat good’ varies from person to person.)

The only drawback that I can see is that it takes a lot of my time :slight_smile: In my opinion - it is still great. Everyone can find something that they like. I like to rat on a car in helicopter missions with five pyres, omnibox, and flywheel, for example. It is an absolutely fantastic experience. Just take down those helicopters when they are busy fighting other helicopters. I also like impulse grenades - they are cheap and easy to upgrade, and with Harpy, they tear away enemy cars - especially if you get close to them with Chameleon.

What made me so excited? I think I crafted something. That day, I was able to upgrade my two naguals. Before that, I was ratting on medians, and they really lacked reload time and explosion damage. And here we are - Naguals just resolved that. I felt like I was again a 10-year-old, and this was the first time mom had bought me a computer or a new game - like GTA or SimCity. I am a seasoned gamer, and I rarely get that feeling of absolute excitement in real life. Even though I am far from being a downshifter, I am an entrepreneur and doing my MBA at a reputable university on the East Coast. I do not know why my brain only gets this dopamine release that strong when I play this game, but I am just delighted to keep getting those kicks :slight_smile: Cheers

Right now, I am waiting to get my anti-aircraft autocannons - one upgrade will come from the battle pass, and I already have resources for crafting another one.

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It’s easily my favourite game of all time, and I know I’m not the only person who feels that way.
The basic mechanics of building, driving, and fighting are just so satisfying for me.