Great job ruining the game!

Who thought it was a good idea to divide the player base more? Some fool who does not understand the dwindling population? Obviously. First every hour split the player base for Clan Confrontation. Then split the population between blades or no blades. Now we wait minutes in queue. Now we have 6 bots and 2 humans per side. Now we have idiots who can’t fly and fight at the same time. Now, if your bots fail then you can’t even get a kill surrounded by humans and bots while your human ally flies around being useless. Great move idiots!


Yea I noticed that the average amount of human players per team is 2 players and 6 bots. Yea I agree the new mode really split the player base.

I’ll give you advice, don’t play crossout. And you won’t be nervous anymore. The game is not worth it. :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:


the helis are difficult to control and dont really seem very good in combat. not to mention the amount of times i had been targeted by bots instantly is… staggering… i dont think its the players fault that they cant fight properly, i blame the controls more then anything. they just arent good at all.
i guess people are just practicing with them.
i hope they allow you to remap the controls sometime soon.
but i have been seeing less people in pve as well.

I’m enjoying PVE quite a bit, myself. I’m not having much difficulty with the controls (keyboard, mouse), but I’m still a long ways from aerial stunts. I’m working on my strafing run though, and that’s been fun.

Between these GL-55s and the propellers, I might be a little addicted to PVE. It’s the most fun I’ve had with an arcade style game in ages.

I love the maps, and especially the sunsets. Very chillaxing game.

I’m not sure I’m ready to bang my head against PVP with the copters yet. I don’t want to ruin my mood with that crap right now. I’m enjoying this plenty for now.

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Yeah I am seeing way more bots in matches now, across all play modes, helis or not

Yet another thing to the ever growing list of reasons to finally move on from the game

Just enjoy it, the bots will be happy. :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

Here you can see how many players there really are in the crossout. Youtube showed it beautifully.

This update beautifully showed how developers should not approach the game. 70% of players don’t want something, but developers listen to the nagging 30% of players because they are the most audible. Also, I left the crossout in time.

Same here, and the que times for me in pve (Patrol) is around 30 seconds to just under a minute and sometimes right away on the NA server

Not me Patrol always has mostly players when I’ve played it, it’s a newish thing these helis so of course people gonna be interested, give it time it’ll die down a bit as flying not everyone thing

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Where do you get these percentages? And what integer are they taken from?

As far as splitting the player base, indeed it seems so. For now.
I believe the Devs are trying to expand the player base over time with these changes. Far more people will also be interested in building flying machines and cars than just cars. Never know, might be by quite a bit. Time will tell if it works.


If they manage to get crossplay happening soon, we should have enough players to lower the bot count significantly.


SOON* :tm:

Yesterday was a pretty bad/slow day; even bedlam was mostly devoid of players. I imagine that was due to the update and people spending time working on their flying car(s). Rotors are going to be a novelty for the next few weeks. Give it time to settle out before writing the game off. Everyone complains perpetually that the game is stale, then freak out when the devs try something new…seen this all before in other games. At present, I’m not either yay or nay to the copter concept, and I’ll just be using the copters as a novelty builds. They’re really not that easy to use against ground cars, since I’m constantly bumping into things, but I’m willing to take a wait-see approach to the whole thing.


they ruined bedlam. After the lobby is started, no one can join it lol