Great!, Need Help!, Thanks!, Sorry!

Such an improvement these 4 voice commands are of the 8 we used to have, congradulations Targem Games for dumbing down the game, freejam approves.

lol,but more players pay attention to the new on map clicking,“pay attention to sector xxx” or i’m moving to this location in Green"…i find this more effective than the “sorry” i need help’ thanks ahole" oops ad lib right there’sorry’need help’ lol

If all 8 teammates were telling you “moving to sector xxx” wich they can spam indefinately, would you keep reading the minimap or just ignore all of their cries?
In my experience only smart players take the time to read the map.
And voicechats are to alert people of game strategy events for other players.
removing half of them and putting some cheap versions back on the minimap is not an improvement if you ask me. Since 95% of the people play Radarless, and never look at the minimap, i wonder what good it is to move voicechat commands to the minimap.

i always play with Doppler radar,only thing i say is ‘GREAT’ and 'pay attention…sometimes when i think i need to, i say ‘im moving here’…
not much more we need for commands…besides ‘we’re Doomed’…

“We’re doomed” is a good voicechat, i wish it was implemented sooner

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Remember that game starsiege tribes from 20 years ago?

It had an amazing voicechat system, that set the standard for most games following it.

20 years later now we have an amazing build and battle game like crossout,

but with such a decrepid voicechat system, it just makes you cringe when comparing it to previous games.

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ya,my fave game,voice commands are really funny when u spam them together…the good old days…

Nice vid Mudnbeer,
i wonder how hard is it for the current game coders to reproduce greatness from a 20 year old game.

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let’s find out…
bumping this because it feels like this game needs something more than just clik and look at this marker…
would be fun to have this without the (everyone plays music and curse into the mic thingy they had)…
what say you all?..

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I say hire the Dynamix starsiege tribes developers and Fire the crossout Targem games developers :yawning_face:

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*bump hump hi
share your voice here because ingame you can only say 4 words

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