GREAT NEWS - Leviathans & Copters in CUSTOM BATTLES

YOW and WOW!

We can finally create custom battles where the players can choose to use copters, leviathans, or cars! You can mix it up; every player can choose what they wanna use from their own personal collection. You can even play against AI builds (if you use a levi, they will also used levis!). I did a few with myself and 15 other bot levis. When you play a levi, you can’t pick your target; it automatically targets the nearest enemies, but it’s a great way to playtest your levi to find weaknesses, especially if you recruit a few friends to attack you with their normal cars.

How to get there - select “Game Center” then “Missions versus Survivors”.


When you get to this next screen, go through the settings, choose your map, etc. and then flesh out the teams. Each player can choose whether they wanna use a regular car, copter, or levi (see bottom left corner, circled in red).


Click “Play” and have at it!


It’s warship time