Great Update! Thank you Dev team!

The changes to the CW system and the addition of the Band system was needed in this game for a long time.

As soon as the clan quests start next week it will even by better.

I love how they took the time to make this new system work with lone wolf players that don’t want to be in a clan and made it a very cheep scrap price to make a Band. They basically made it so anyone can easily jump into this new system. They even made it so normal PvP adds to the system.

I can’t wait for Mini-CW’s (Arena) to start next week. They even made sure that people could solo this mode - which basically make it 4v4 PvP missions for scrap.

Thank you Dev team!


I’m really happy about how the new system works for solo players like myself.
Really looking forward to the new mode.


What’s that supposed to be? Someone here is detached from reality, no matter how badly the game is managed, some people will never admit the truth.

Fortunately, there are still people on reddit who keep their eyes open.

Did i just start at the end of the line? : r/Crossout (

Yeah, it is awesome that they finally address this issue. These changes really open up the whole end game to everyone, even solo players.

Of course a solo player will not be able to play real CWs - but they where not doing that anyways, so no lose.


Exactly, although I do suspect this may get me to reconsider my lack of interest in clans.
Can we be part of a band and a clan?
I’ll probably see if any of the inactive clan I’m a member of still play, so we can at least do challenges and benefit from that.


Good joke :rofl:


I’m still curious if you can make a band and join in on someone else’s band.


I think bands are pretty much a limited clan - they can even be upgraded to a clan with coins.

Making a Band locks your Clan Tags - so I’m going to assume you can not join a band unless you leave the one your in.

But you only lose a few scrap so who cares.

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Do you need to be in a band to do Confrontation? Or could you just stay in your clan and play the new mode that way?

This would be really wasteful and dumb… Not that a few hundreds scrap matters. I’m looking at it as an ease of use issue though. If I make one and how to disband it to join another each time it’s going to be a pain in the bottom.

You can play in a Band or a Clan.

Confrontation is only an added mode to CW.

The Clan management screen is way different now.

Hmmmm, is anyone not in a clan and want to see screenshots of it?

I think the easiest way is just to pay the scrap and make a band. Your not locked into them.


I haven’t had a chance to install the update, so I’m living vicariously through you guys


How many time do you plan to jump bands/clans?

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you are aware weekly challenges are completely out the window now and solo players have no chance of ever getting the same amount of badges as before, right?


Well they obviously want to give players more incentive to join clans, which isn’t a crazy thing to do.

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You can have “Open” clans/bands now where people can freely join.

You don’t even have to play together as a clan or a band to get rewards.

Everyone can play solo and all of their activity add together to complete the quests.

This system is Waaaaay better then weeklies.

Even if you have someone that does not have enough time. The other members can complete quests for you.

If solo guys are smart the will join up together.
They don’t even have to talk to each other or play together and they will still get all the extra quests.

Everyone that is complaining just hasn’t tried.


Feel free to think that, you are in the minority here, and you won’t convince many people that a system that requires other people to contribute in order to make the equivalent currency as before is a net positive change.


The forum is full of complaints about every single change, but once the dust settles most people calm down and realize it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Well, except for that handful of people that rarely play the game anymore, but still post on the forum everyday about how much they hate the game. Nothing is ever going to please them.


They haven’t even taken the time to look at the system and just start complaining :slight_smile:

It’s pretty good change man. One of the best in awhile for me personally. I’m interested in playing again.

Could it be better? Sure

But I think they spent a good amount of time thinking about this one and I’m sure they will have changes.

The quests don’t start till next week and confrontation don’t start for 9 days. So they are complaining about something they haven’t tried and has not even started yet.

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Also, this is a positive thread about the patch.

If people have complaints I’m sure they can find one of the other posts and be a nuisances in that thread instead.

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