Griffon perk question

When my teammates receive my radar shield perk boost from my Griffon cab do they lose the radar cloak if they drive away from me.

Basically do they have to stay close to keep the 11 sec radar shield?

When u activate ur geiffon perk then on the minimap pops up a small circle WIch represents the cab radius in WIch ur teammates need to stay so the perk applyes to them

Wait, I was sure you just need to be in the radius when the perk gets triggered.
Have I been wrong all these years?

Kinda yeah

Griffon perk works like the barrier shield, u stay in the circle ur safe u leave the circle and you are screwed

Yeah i thought that too but now unsure.

Also wondering if triggering perk neutralizes missile locks. Not sure if the missiles are using radar things that would be disrupted on perk activation either before or after launch.

Unfortunately it does not break missile lock. It should, but doesn’t.

I’ve always triggered the perk while passing my teammates, and it never even occurred to me that I might need to stay near them for it to keep working.