Group garages?

Would be nice to see a garage with four doors that would each be reserved for group members to all drive around in same area while waiting for game starts, testing builds, or just messing around, maybe even allow for teammates to build using your parts and vice versa allowing veteran players to help new players with the basics of building. The biggest problem and reason I don’t play pvp anymore (besides bots) is because some people have no clue how to build a viable build, still see reload modules on heating weapons, radiators on reload weapon builds, weapons mounted on low hp parts and not to the cab or shoot thru parts. If new players don’t understand how to build properly they lose repeatedly and quit playing altogether. This could help the player base increase, reducing or eliminating bots. Just an idea.


I remember at one point seeing people toss around the idea of just being able to invite a friend into their garage. It’s not as complex as what you’re asking for but would be nice for handling some of the build help that your talking about. It could also be an interesting way of doing fusion builds too.

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That would be very fun and useful, u can hang around with your group, maybe build some fusion crafts and test it together.

More like every player’s very own bedlam.


Being able to group build would be awesome


This would really make fusion builds much easier to fine tune.
Would also allow us to use our garage building stuff for something fun.
Make it happen!

this is not going to happen. i dunno if you console ladies have access to the overlay displaying fps, ping, etc.

on pc you do and it tells you that youre not connected to the server when youre in the garage (0-1 ping). so implementing this idea would require them to change that and from an almost entirely ignorant point of view this looks like way too much effort for targem.

On paper, this idea sounds awesome… right?

But one thing probably stopping it from gaining traction and being implemented is this:

Having friends over in your garage will require crossout to create a temporary seperate server for you to be connected to. This means extra resources needed for the lackluster servers (rumour has it crossout runs on backup servers?) and I don’t think they want that. Best you could do is create a custom game…

The part about lending building parts to new players!

This sounds great, a bit unrelated but I’ve been wanting to have some sort of way for me to check wether I want a certain part, before buying it and instantly regretting my purchase. players being able to freely swap items inbetween them for a small market fee would be super awesome, and I don’t think buddies swapping parts is going to knock anything out of balance.

And yes, new players need to learn how to build properly!

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