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I know some of you also have a YouTube channel, so I figured I’d share this here.

My channel is old & has nothing to do with Cross Out (all of the Cross Out videos on my channel are “unlisted,” so my only you guys see them). A few years ago, the channel got “shadowbanned” by the YouTube algorithm for things they eventually reversed. The shadowbanning stayed, though.

As a result, I largely stopped producing anything serious for the channel. I’ve still been making money, but a fraction of what I was before they tanked the channel.

In January, though, with “shorts” about to be monetized, I started uploading some.

Sooo… If you have a channel, this might be a way to gain subscribers.

I haven’t produced any new “real content” in months, so all if this is from shorts. I may produce something to see if it gains traction now that the shadowbanning is gone from at least shorts.


One of my friends that has a channel says that the shorts have really helped them out too. They pretty much just use recuts of their other content.


8 million percent… and that number is climbing. LOL

Using shorts to gain subs is cool except youll have no actual viewers, subs off shorts are just click scroll and forget


That’s what I thought & was exploring that reality…

To a degree, it’s true, but not entirely.

I haven’t done the actual math yet, but…

A 10% boost in subscribers does NOT mean a 10% boost in overall channel performance. It’s obviously much less than that.

Plus, since shorts are… well… short, your hours viewed does NOT increase proportionally to number of views or revenue.

That being said…
This is the revenue chart for the past month:

That is coming after about 3 1/2 years of sometimes dramatic decline - even with increased views & hours viewed.

Even OLD videos are getting increased views after years of obvious stagnation.

I only posted this because I’m suddenly seeing this channel - which I’d all but written off (and posted about here previously) be re-awakened with minimal effort on my part. It’s working. It’s not 8 million percent, but I’ll take a doubling of my money. God knows I’ve worked much harder for much less in the past.

My theory is that of the thousands of people viewing the shorts, a tiny percentage actually click on the channel & watch longer content. A tiny percentage of those people will be returning viewers. I’ll take it.

Take it for what you will…

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Idk how much shorts themselves make and i have no numbers on them but with how many views shorts get id guess like 0.1% actually start watching your channel

I have 0 content on my YouTube channel, I had an old one years ago but it was shut down as it went against Googletron terms as they putting it
Basically if was be testing stuff and seeing different ways of destroying stuff (stuff I own or had permission to destroy/use to test)


Oh, I believe it… I mean… they tanked mine over a vintage video of the National Anthem.

Good for you :smiley:

Hi for all!