The top picture was taken in the exact spot I was standing when it happened.

I was standing and typing away on my phone like a zombie when I heard this sound and I actually said to myself, “That’s not good.” Looked up just in time to see this GTO lay the bushes down, and teeter to a stop with its engine growling its noises in my face.

Almost dies on my birthday but for the grace of God.


Happy Birthday

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It probably would’ve hit the tree or car, but that’s why I pay attention to my surroundings, never know when a dingleberry will make an appearance!

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that car wasn’t there at the time. they pulled up just when i was taking the pic. I was like “Yo! don’t park right under that thing!!!”

Still, facing down an unexpected car grill startled me enough to move outta the way. But in a second or two I was clear headed enough to get 911 on the phone. Driver said he lost his breaks and swerved to avoid rear-ending someone, and that got him turned around.

ya they always say that when they show off and lose control lol :crazy_face:
not that theres a skid mark on the sidewalk from the front tire…love to see the burnout at that traffic light :rofl:

oh happy B-day by the way …

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Happy Birthday!

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I once had a 69 nova all souped up for drag racing at the Spokane International Speedway on Friday nights after school.
My mom borrowed it once to go to town for something and nearly flipped it giving it gas coming out of a curve by a dam. Luckily she went off on the side away from the dam. Traded the car for an 86 Toyota 4x4 with 3k miles on it in 87.

This is another lucky one where the car looks like it was more than the driver.