GTUA Clan Turning on aimbots at the time they start to lose in clanwars

It is the same thing for weeks and many people have the same issue with that clan. You think you are winning the round and that time they turn on their aimbots and you see them doing 6 shots 6 guns and the game is over. you can see the video here GTUA CLAN TURNING ON/OFF AIMBOTS Crossout 2 2 10 230210 2023 01 07 17 22 28 - YouTube @6329169

I can’t help it. I have to point out, this was a battle of sprayers vs strippers. :joy:

In all seriousness, whether they had an aim bot or not, you guys used the same exact approach each time and have your mg’s all mounted in the exact same placement on your builds.

That kinda makes it easy to know your aim points by the third round. Just sayin.

sure this is a good excuse when they shoot and strip invisible enemies across the map. ofcourse man you are the genius here and we are all brainless thank you for your contribution and please never contribute again.

Again. You took the exact same path.

I am not the person who is playing FOTM bully builds, losing, then crying about aim bots on the forum because my OP build means I should always win.

No, your post is bad, your repeated strategy is bad, you are bad but I was being kind in not actually typing that out…

I just offered real advice on how to adjust your strategy/builds whether the other team uses an aimbot or not.


Off topic: I can’t remember why I put you on my ingame chat blacklist about a year ago. Sealclubbing, honking, pming bullshit continuously around 5k with clanmates maybe?

I am guessing you are asking the OP?

Thank you genius dude. I will salvage all my MGs and compete with aimbot on long range reload things. Did you manage to think all of these by yourself? How intelligent?

Please do something useful and go study some reading. Your every sentence is off-topic and just waste of time.