Guarding wheels what are your tips and tricks

I noticed on some builds posted and on exhibit that there were wheels mounted in ways that I know wouldn’t stand up to side collisions. I was wondering how everyone goes about dealing with this in their own way? Please post your own experiences or opinions on the different setups. Trying to be constructive…

I found this is a pretty good set up for deflecting both angled and straight on collisions. Driving ramifications are you have to be a little more aware of what’s near you to the left or right but seeing someone pop when they ram you at low hp is worth it.

my tip is shivs. I only use shivs for the most part.

Sometimes I’ll use some small passive melee prices mounted behind the front and rear bumpers right next to the wheels, sticking out just enough to take the impact.

I also find all the epic wheels durable enough that dewheeling is only an issue with small four wheel builds, and those ones are fast enough that I can rely more on my driving.

That build looks pretty cool. What’s the name of it?

nails, planks, lots of Sauder and tequila.
the nails hold the planks
the planks help protect the wheels by getting stuck on the drivers front and making him blind.
the sauder is to hold on the metal spikes to give them an ouchie.
the tequila is to celebrate when they are putting band aids and new tires on their vehicles… and also for them to so they can forget that encounter.

Electro_Hammy V4 PC exhibition. Wasn’t the point of the topic though but sure…

I love shivs they have great contact dmg resistance to start with…

So you kind of like to deflect the blows?

Can I have some more sir?


imo the best trick is to only use the op epic wheels for everything and just forget about it.

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I exploit projectile hitboxes to used spaced armor for cannon shells, or I use 1x4 frames to mount lunatic bumpers over my wheels. Otherwise they don’t require armor cuz epic wheels r OP.

Examples though your just saying you do stuff.

I tend to put wheels fully inset in armor. Myself.


Epic wheels are pretty strong and can work fine fully exposed on many build types.

I find if I have a lot of wheels that if someone aims to take my wheels off then they are dead. They should have been aiming at the guns.

But with that said, I do also tend to armor my wheels, at least partly.

Below is a mid PS build I made for fun a few months ago.


The only wheels I actually use anymore are sabbath. I usually don’t even bother putting passive melee along the sides of my wheels. I sometimes just use long fenders like the paws to protect the sides. Maybe a bit of melee there depending.

Like this rides for example.

I find melee side protection ugly so I don’t really do it anymore for wheels. When I did though I’d usually have a durable structure part or an elbow extended from my frame and I’d put something like an off road bumper there to protect the side. I’ve also used flails or hatchets pointing forward, but running along the side of the wheel. Anything people will sort of slide off when they hit my side.


I like to put hatchets to front and rear for extra collision toughness while keeping it low PS and compact size. Fits nice with my preferred 6 wheel formula (2x ST front, 2x ST rear, non-st on the mid with 1 pin wider base).
Doesn’t exactly adds much melee resistance, but at least I’m not wasting lot of weight and PS on it.
Only works with APC wheels though, Hermits have 1 pin wider model.


This is a good thread!

I agree when we were talking about building processes in the other thread it made me think about it.

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I mostly do it like Widow above. Big lumps of armor parts everywhere around to look like a bumper car.

The new build I just posted in the Show Us Your Builds thread has a few wheel protection things going on:

Blades attached to front and rear bumpers, wheels recessed just a little bit inside the fenders and side panels, hatchets alongside the front wheels, and the side mounted gun armour can also take a big collision before any wheel contact is made.

I leave my wheels uncovered. I use Hermits, with a Colossus, and the Hermits are fused for durability or resistance. Then, if you drive fast, Hermits increase resistance to damage up to 70 percent.

This all leaves Hermits as being an item with a four block hitbox with about 600 effective hitpoints. Plus, there are 8-10 of them for a total of about 4800 durability on the wheels for a light build. There is no way to de wheel them. The frames give out far beforehand.


In the top pic I’m using the hermits like that too! The front half of that raid build can be lost with no real changes to it.

Show us pics!