Guess I'll Play Solitaire

z5 - Copy

weird , no issues here

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I just logged in via Gaijin.

I really don’t play other games. :man_shrugging:

you ever heard of KARDS? it’s a WW II themed TCG style deck builder. a little slow in the ques but pretty fun otherwise.

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That’s how I downloaded this game, straight from the Crossout website and not from Steam, though I have a steam account but not when I decided to play this game

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I’ve really appreciated Steam over the years - outages or not.
Numerous times, I’ve found the portability of the gaming library to be priceless. I think I’m on my 4th PC since originally installing Steam, and NOT having to find CDs or websites & codes to download things I’ve already paid for… well… yeah.

And 4th PC… not meaning we’ve trashed that many, but added PCs to our “fleet” of machines.

Mulitple kids in school means one PC isn’t nearly enough.


Dude, it goes down every Tues at that time, steam is brought down for maintence once a week every week. There isn’t a single week that it doesn’t go down for 30 minutes to an hour on TUES.

Perhaps I don’t play as often as others… At least not often enough to notice patterns like that. :man_shrugging: