Guess the new META

New season, sweeping changes. Things are going to be different. Slower hovers, faster spiders, screen armor being nerfed, new legendary melee, new relic, new 12 energy sniper, first legendary engine, penetration values, Bigfoot buff, wheels and omni getting unbugged, this has the making of one of the bigger shifts in memory.

All that being said, take a guess what’s coming next.

Im guessing Scorps become a tippy top tier weapon.

Masotodons have their day in the sun.

Typhoons wreck face.

Rippers frame dogs and have legitimate minelayer style gameplay.

Punishers stay relevant.

Spiders with 4k+ durability become top meta.

New 12 energy legendary is Parser level broken.

Hovers become much tankier with the extra tonnage and stay as nimble using the new engine.

Dual layers of spaced armor bumpers become a thing (1 layer to catch one typhoon/mastodon shot, with another layer almost directly behind it to catch the other shell before it goes deeper into the build) probably a max of 3 layers, making builds slightly longer. All of it quite possibly obsoleted entirely by the new Scorp changes.

Barriers and Aegis will become even more important for sustaining builds as the penetration weapons cut through the builds of old.

Nova makes a comeback in a huge way.

Breakers become total trash as they try to eat away at the slabs of armor to come.

Toadfish become much stronger.

New melee is a hover murderer.

New spider legs are used with 10+ on builds, and still hella nimble with the new engine.

My double bubble wheel build gets a new lease on life with the new Bigfoot changes :smiley:

Firedogs stay relevant and some teams go full dog for a while as they try to figure out what else to do while they wait for new exhibition builds to download.


It is this mechanical leg + track design

Typhoon Omamori Thor Hover everywhere. Any movement part that isn’t an Icarus stays totally irrelevant. The new legs are played 3 weeks before everybody realizes they’re made of wet toilet paper and make your build 10 times less tanky than pro hovers.

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I don’t know what the new meta will be. I will play my +3750kg +10kph Pegasus buffed speed buffed traction Hermits buffed durability 100% armor piercing Flash Firebug Firedog with Phobos at 110 kph with crazy acceleration until I figure it out.

If the Meta becomes spiders, I will swap my Flash for my +25 percent heat Draco.

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You can see all of that.

One thing i can be sure


This simply will not happen, i’ll find other way if my way stops working.

i predict nothing actually changes , but half the community is pacified because they did something

I’m doubling down on my prediction…

Y’all are hearing it here first.

I have no idea what the new META will be, will lose matches repeatedly, will come here for answers, spend a few days rebuilding everything, and then go back to sucking at winning. :rofl:

Dog-bugs. That’s my prediction. Skipper-legs and face-hugger weapons, perhaps with a skinner.

If they don’t try it, I will. Three points for a Skinner and cloak, the rest on melee or Goblins/Gremlins (coolers, Engine?)

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something like this lol


New season is here and omamori prices went skyrocket up bc of new relic :rofl: