Guess what the next recipe for mini season will be?


not saying this is absolute truth , but this looks like leaky as hell…
hope i m proven wrong tomorrow
otherwise it will be only another cuntish move from devs who leaked recipes to russian players for them to indulge a little bit more in market bias.

tacklers are inexpensive machineguns that do decently well for the price they cost. very very cheap to upgrade and a good choice for people getting into epics. but putting them as recipes?
the snowfall is a really hard hitting weapon to but it has a steep learning curve and falls off very quickly from other missile based weapons. the thing is these are stupidly cheap to. who knows, if you buy a few the price might skyrocket and youll make quite a few coins off them. if not then youll have some good paper weights until the event comes around that uses them as a recipe.

are you for real?

That sounds like at great idea at first…but…

i mean yeah, think about it. they are dirt cheap. 200 - 250 coins each. ive seen the catalina jump from 2k coins to over 4.4k from the event that let you build the athena. ive seen weapons that werent to pricy pretty much double in price. so if you bought some you might make a few hundred coins. even if it doesnt just hang onto them until they are used. even use them in battle to get a feel for them. heck i got 2 snowfalls i fused and they hit very hard.

are you on pc? im on ps4 and theres a few offers for each gun there.

Ya. This is how it went last time too. It needs to stop.

agreed. but there isnt much we can do. i dont like that their doing these sorts of things with pack items. if their going to do an event like this at least let us be able to craft said items instead of resorting to forcing us to buy packs just to craft said event items. its not just insulting to us but also makes the devs look bad. greed isnt the way to go in videogames. putting heart, soul and love into a videogame is what makes a game successful. listening to their community on all platforms also very much helps a games lifetime be even longer. we been asking for many things in crossout for a long time and we havent gotten barely anything. hell we didnt even get any new modes for a long time which is really sad. the only thing thats been going on all year is just battle passes, weapons and armor. we need more modes, more things to do added in. hell add more to adventure mode for christ sake. give us more raids, more brawls, bring back events to weekly things like the dronepocalypse. make similar modes out of past events. do more with leviathans. literally anything to keep me and others invested into this game!

I think you might be missing the point. There is a leak of information on the upcoming Battle passes and their recipes, and it is being illegitimately exploited by insiders.

yeah sorry. the frustrated gamer in me is coming out lol.
but you think the devs are leaking info to other people?

Personally, I would suspect a YouTuber, or some streamer who has a privileged account for game review purposes, or their associates.

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sounds very likely. ugh. this can be a bit of a pain.

Sometimes price surges seem random, and in some cases may be people trying to manipulate the market.
I still have no explanation why Arothrons went from being one of the cheapest epics to one of the most expensive on PS4. I’m one of the only people who ever played them, but I couldn’t resist the insane profit, so I sold mine. Months later, and the price still hasn’t gone down.

There was a video going around recently of some guy really rocking those hard with a triple-shot build. It made me want some again, since he made it look so easy.

I tried them once a long time ago, but I couldn’t get them to work for me at all. I’m wondering what the price is like for them on PC right now. Maybe they got improved indirectly by one of the recent updates, and they work better now? I’m hella curious, because I wanted those to work for me.

No major buffs that I’m aware of, but I always thought they were underrated.

However, they are extremely hard to use. You have to really put in the time to get the feel of where the right distance is. But when you get in the zone, they are an amazing hit-and-run gun, and can do major damage if you have the right combo of buffs.

I’m pretty sure someone on PlayStation thought they could make some coin by cornering the market, but they didn’t realize that no one wants to buy them at any price (other than me).

On PC they are going for about 1K. For a better reference, that is right above Trombones and right below The Astraeus in the relic category.

I think that’s pretty high myself (I’m not going there), but it does sound reasonable for its rarity.
It’s way more than I paid for mine, though. I bought mine (and sold them) years ago, and haven’t looked back…well, sometimes. I did like building with them.
The inflation is real, but not for all items, it seems. The market on PC is terribly wonky, and barely functional.

IDK what it’s like on console, but I’m sure neither of our markets need the kind of shenanigans we are seeing with this crafting leak…again. It makes it much harder to enjoy the Battle Passes when this kind of BS is baked into it. If I was the developer, I’d be mad. These Battle Passes look like their bread and butter to me.

I said I was going to buy this Battle Pass just to support them, and this game I’m hooked on, and would so hate to see go, but I’m not really into it. I did buy the Bone Hunter Hunter pack (lite), and I’m glad they released something that is more to my taste so I could contribute to their delinquency more genuinely. I do like that cab (lots), but I haven’t figured out the guns.

No matter what anybody thinks of this years updates (and I’ve been very critical of it myself), they did put a lot of work into it.

That is super weird. Who is buying them at that price? I never see anyone using them, and there’s no way they’re viable in CW.
Maybe they were once an ingredient for some more worthy item? Did you need them to make Parsers?

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its kind of in the same boat as the bastion really. its an event only item that you can only get when the event comes around. there are no blueprints for it so the price on them is going to be quite high. you remember how pricy the bastion was? hell it was like 4 or 5k iirc. as soon as the blueprint was available for it permanently it dropped hard back to 1k. i think this is in the same boat. when the blueprint is available in the event again itll drop down in price… whenever that may be.

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Well guess i was wrong , or some people have more intel than us on raven s path , or they got misinformed . to be continued.

I m actually happy i was wrong.

They might have changed it. It looks a little odd, the crafting recipes. Everything is using the Thor…which maybe sucks.

Can you imagine how screwed you’d be if you committed a bunch of coin to that alleged leak, bought all that crap up, and then the developers did something different? :joy: